Serato DJ Release Notes

2 September, 2014

New Software Features

  • Serato Flip Expansion Pack
  • DVS Expansion Pack (for supported controllers)
  • MIDI Panel for MIDI mapping additional features
  • Hide Track/Artist Info (ALT + M keyboard shortcut)
  • Sort Cues Chronologically
  • Ability to re-order Cue Points by dragging and dropping
  • Right click Cue Point trigger to change Cue Point color
  • Tempo nudge and range buttons available in MIDI mapping mode for controllers
  • Blue Active Deck borders around waveform headers
  • Added Quantise value options; 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 beats
  • Channels 3 and 4 now available as recording source for Denon MC6000MK2
  • Mic/aux inputs now included in "mix" recording for:
  • Mic now included in "mix" recording for:
  • Aux now included in "mix" recording for:

Added Serato DJ Hardware Support

Added Serato DJ Accessory Support

Other Changes

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard discontinued
  • Optional crash reporting
  • Updated drivers for all supported Rane hardware
  • Optimised Platter Latency for the Pioneer DDJ-SX
  • Slicer Mode for Vestax VCI-400 (SHIFT + ROLL)
  • Saved Loops mode available for Pioneer DDJ-SX (SHIFT + ROLL)
  • Slicer Mode & BPM display for Reloop RP-8000
  • Mapped SHIFT + AUTO to Reloop/Exit on the Denon MC2000
  • Update to Serato DJ Thru mode logic for Rane devices. Hardware Thru mode and software Thru mode are now kept in sync, removing any drop in audio when switching
  • Improvements to CTRL + F search functionality
  • Numark Mixtrack Pro II RELOOP button now mapped to "Reloop" instead of "Loop On/Off"
  • Vestax VCI-300 BACK & FWD are now mapped to back/fwd functionality
  • Novation TWITCH touchstrip sensitivity adjusted to be closer to Serato ITCH sensitivity
  • Numark V7 LOOP CONTROL ON/OFF button now activates the last active loop instead of creating a new loop, aligning with Serato ITCH spec
  • BPM Meter for Numark V7, NS7, NS6 adjusted to be more precise
  • Changed sensitivity of Numark Mixtrack Edge pitch control to be more fine
  • Additional controls available for MIDI mapping on Rane Sixty Series Mixers:

Bug Fixes

  • Memory Optimisation to increase the limit of files/crates allowed in Serato DJ
  • Recording Input for Rane devices not saved between sessions
  • Can't use keyboard shortcuts to load to opposite deck when using Numark V7
  • Serato DJ Waveforms & GUI can become laggy when CDJs are connected in HID mode
  • Noise Sensitivity threshold now defaults -48 instead of -24 for DVS devices
  • Tracks occasionally restarting when using 2 X Numark V7
  • Serato Video auto cross fader doesn't move far left or right when set to a fast speed
  • Sometimes no audio when track plays with Pitch 'n Time DJ enabled
  • IN USE state on DVS mixers causes deck to be stuck in THRU when switching hardware
  • Waveform Overview is not updated when instant doubling with Serato Remote
  • Saved Video FX not backwards compatible with previous versions of Serato Video
  • Reverted jog wheel sensitivity increase for Reloop Terminal Mix 4
  • 3 deck Stack View mode is not remembered when switching between other views
  • CDJ HID mode display pitch percentage information is incorrect when using sync
  • Slip Mode not being displayed correctly on Vestax VCI-300
  • PFL button changes loop mode on Numark NS6
  • Novation TWITCH mic/aux on/off is always enabled on start up
  • Numark Mixdeck Quad hardware mixer controls are not read only in the setup screen
  • SP-6 Sample Player Master Volume level is not remembered between sessions
  • Active deck shortcut not in sync with active deck layer on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ
  • Stack view showing pitch -200% during reverse play
  • Clicking lock on saved loop slot de-activates currently active loop
  • Fix can't reloop an active loop when deck is switched from ABS to REL
  • Unable to control start/stop speed in Internal Mode with DVS devices
  • Resizing video output window to smallest size while recording, will not let you resize after
  • Serato DJ allows 2 x V7s to initiate with MASTER selected on both
  • Master Gain does not work on Mixtrack Edge
  • Pioneer CDJ-850 TIME button not working
  • Numark Mixtrack Quad wheel colour toggle also changes active layer in Serato DJ
  • Novation TWITCH Drop Button both toggles for both decks
  • Serato DJ switches back to 2 Deck view mode when switching back to Stack View Mode
  • Scratching/Platter movement is reversed on Numark MixDeck Quad
  • Hang when syncing music with multiple downbeat markers
  • Black/white screen and unable to open Serato DJ on windows 8 machines when utf-8 characters are in the user account name
  • Track BPM drops to lower value after needle dropping
  • ADJUST/SLIP button on right deck of Novation TWITCH lighting not working correctly
  • Serato DJ does not restart correctly after installing Rane drivers from within the application on Mac

Known Issues

Version: Serato DJ 1.7.0
Size: 151.33 MB
Platform: Win