Vestax VCI‑300

The first ever DJ controllers supported by Serato, the VCI-300 and the VCI-300MKII are extremely portable controllers with built-in audio interface, 3 band EQ controls, standard 4in/4out soundcards and adjustable platters. All you need for DJing is the VCI-300 or VCI-300MKII, a laptop and a set of headphones. Both the VCI-300 and the VCI-300MKII are Serato DJ Enabled, no additional license purchase is required, just plug & play.

Vestax VCI‑300 Quick Start Guide for Serato DJ

Serato DJ Enabled

Serato DJ Enabled

Enabled hardware is plug-and-play with Serato DJ and requires no further activation or licenses. Just download Serato DJ.

Download Serato DJ