Mixars DUO

The Mixars DUO is a two channel plug and play battle mixer designed for Serato DJ Pro complete with integrated Mini-Innofader. The DUO has 8 RGB backlit pads for cue points and sampler control.
 The built-in USB hub also provides 2 extra USB connections to allow integration with other devices.

  • 8 RGB Pads for activating Cue Points or the Sampler
  • Galileo crossfader
  • Loop and FX controls
  • XLR and booth outputs
  • 2 Phone and Line inputs
  • USB hub
Serato DJ Pro enabled

This hardware unlocks Serato DJ Pro for free when plugged into the software.

Serato DVS enabled

This hardware unlocks Serato DVS so it can be used with turntables or CDJs.