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Add video to your set

Add video to your set and become your own VJ. Control the playback of videos files just as you do with audio. Incorporate visual effects and transitions as well as your own promotional graphics. Add custom visuals to existing tracks in your library or mix music videos or both. Serato video supports a wide array of video file formats on both Mac and Windows systems.

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Free stuff!

We teamed up with friends from around the world to provide you with awesome free content. Ego and Beeple have put together awesome packs of royalty free visuals for you to use with Serato Video. Xtendamix have come through with 40 free music videos from their extensive catalogue. Mac users can get their hands on 5 audio reactive quartz compositions from I Love QC.

Serato Video

Karaoke file support

Serato Video supports MP3+G playback so you can play your Karaoke library in Serato DJ. Load the files up like any other track in your library. DJ with your Karaoke tracks using all Serato DJ features.

Master FX

As well as dedicated channel FX you can now apply 2 Serato Video FX to the Master output channel. This lets you leave video FX on for your whole set while crossfading between 2 tracks.

Record your set

With the press of a button you can record your full set with audio and video in HD. Create your own video mixtapes for online promotion.

Audio linked FX

Use Serato DJ's audio FX powered by iZotope in your video sets to trigger a linked video effect at the same time. Audio echoes create visual echoes in the picture, distortion FX distort the image!


Serato Video has Syphon support to send the main video output to other applications. This way Serato Video is compatible with 3rd party apps like projection mapping software.