Pitch 'n Time DJ

Harmonic mixing with Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ

Pitch 'n Time is a renowned Time-Stretching and Key-Shifting algorithm which we’ve turned into an Expansion Pack. This gives you the creative freedom to shift and sync the key of your tracks, as well as speed up and slow down your tracks to extreme tempos.

Enjoy the ability to mix, cut and scratch while maintaining perfect key and audio quality.

Pitch 'n Time DJ

Industry standard algorithm

Powered by the same Pitch ‘n Time algorithm used by audio professionals around the world.

Pitch 'n Time DJ

Perfect audio quality

Keep your track sounding perfect at all tempos. Pitch ‘n Time DJ is obvious if you’re adjusting the BPM of your tracks.

Pitch 'n Time DJ

Get creative with Pitch Play

Shift the Key of your track or use Key Sync for harmonically sound mixes, or use the Pitch Play Pad Mode for on-the-fly remixing.

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Serato DJ Expansions bundle includes Serato Play, Serato FX, Serato Flip, Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ, Serato DVS and Serato Video.

  • Change a track’s key and tempo with perfect audio quality
  • Expand your set up with vinyl, CDJs or Video
  • New creative tools to make your sets stand out
  • And much more...
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Instantly sync your samples

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