Video-SL Release Notes

26 April, 2010

What's new in 1.2


Direct Show engine
There is a new Direct Show based video decoder engine for increased performance and wider format support on Windows. It is setup to be the default video decoder on Windows so Quicktime need not be used by Video-SL at all. There is an option to force Quicktime to continue decoding videos on Windows.
57 Audio Effects
When enabled on the VSL Setup area (on the 'Effects' tab) they will be automatically applied on top of the existing effects slots and will respond to changes in parameters of the 57 audio effects. These include:
- Flanger
- Phaser
- Desecrator
- HP , LP and BP Filters
- HP Echo (and HP Hold Echo)
- Echo (and Hold Echo)
DJ FX Audio Effects
Similar to the 57's audio effects, when enabled these will now affect the video appropriately and automatically when an audio effect is engaged inside Scratch Live.
Note: This feature requires the final version of Scratch Live 2.0 or higher to work
All new text effects
These are on the 'effects' tab on the VSL setup area and will show up at the bottom of your effects lists when created and added.
Supports 3 different animation types and a range of parameters can be assigned to the effect parameter knob. All installed fonts should be available.
Note: This feature requires the final version of Scratch Live 1.9.2 or higher to work
All new Image effects
These work exactly like the text effects. You can use the 'browse' button to select the relevant image file.
Like the text effects above there are a variety of options for setting size, position and animation.
Note: This feature requires the final version of Scratch Live 1.9.2 or higher to work
Updated installer
Installers now install Scratch Live 2.0 and the latest (at time of writing) Quicktime version.

New Effects

Delay Grid
Shows a grid of the past 16 frames to be played. Each update one frame will change.
Frame Pulse
Pulses the edges found in a video frame in a given time period.
Frame Freeze
Freezes a frame of video for a given time period.
Swap transition
New transition that animates a 'swap' between the two sources.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed auto xfade speed not being remembered properly
It was showing the correct state on the GUI but not in what it was really doing.
Correctly load vsync setting
Was visually correct but what was being used could be wrong
Correctly load aspect ratio setting
Was being ignored when starting in offline player mode.


Force quicktime on windows option
There is now a preference that can be set to force Video-SL to use Quicktime instead of DirectShow. Key is AlwaysUseQuickTime
Removed all Quicktime yuv decoding (on Windows)
A bug in Quicktime could cause crashes when using QT versions later than 7.6.2. With the introduction of DirectShow this isn't such an important optimization so has been removed for Windows users.
Tweaked grid fade's fade points
Previously these were not very well placed and there wasn't enough travel between the initial fade points. The transition should now be more useful.


Version: Video-SL 1.2
Size: 40.85 MB
Platform: Win