Video SL

The original Video mixing software

Video-SL 1.1

Video-SL 1.1

What's new in Video-SL 1.1?

Video for all Scratch Live DJs is now available. Download and try the demo before you buy.

The latest Video-SL software, version 1.1, now offers support for the Rane SL 1 and SL 3, as well as many new features including:

  • Video files can now be previewed and managed in the Scratch Live offline player.
  • MIDI control now enables you to use 3rd party controllers with Video-SL.
  • New Audio Responsive effects let the music control a variety of live video effects. These vary from Bass Zoom to Splits and are controlled by analyzing the music signal.
  • Video Instant Doubles allows you to play the same video and effects on a second deck.
  • Effects are now stored with each video file for instant recall.
  • External video mixing allows you to setup different output configurations in the the control panel of Video-SL's setup mode. Choose from Output Only, L/R prefader or all 3 outputs for greater flexibility.

Release Notes

Read the full Release Notes for Video-SL 1.1.0.