Video-SL Release Notes

7 August, 2008

New Features

Mouse pointer over output window disappears
(Windows only)

Close button does nothing on windows
Fullscreen on startup
If correct monitor is not found the output window will not go fullscreen on the primary monitor
LED Billboard
There is now a neutral setting that does nothing
Now remembers size as well as position of output window
'Grid' fader
This fader was in the early alpha/trade show builds so some may have seen it.
'Scratch Fade' fader
This is the scratch+fade fader suggested by iKutZ as discussed here.
Tweaked Luma Key
A lot smoother and guarantees Source Image when the knob is all the way to the left and Secondary Image when the knob is all the way to the right

Bugs fixed

Windows Optimizations
Vista video drivers
Intel Video Cards on Vista now work the same as on XP (no effects but basic mixing)
Graphics glitches in preview monitors
These should now be resolved due to a new pipeline that takes control away from poorly written drivers
Wipe/Push faders
These have been fixed and made more efficient
Buffering algorithm optimizations
Now more efficient and correct
Video Load optimizations
Minimized the pause seen on the deck *not* being loaded to
Synchronization errors on some videos
Some videos would slowly go out of sync due. Synchronization should now be the same as QT.
Better vsync in windows
Especially for ATI cards, should lower CPU usage when using VSync
Pegged 'vsync off' to monitor refresh rate
Still tears but now lowers CPU usage instead of just trying to render as much as possible. Good baseline for what extra CPU is added by using VSync
Fixed crash on load of non-video file
i.e. an mp3 with the wrong extension
Fixed Frame Blending
Note: Requires 1.8.1 or higher for the fix to work
Now flushes all settings immediately (so they won't be lost on crash)
Fixed lag problem for offset videos
Changed v-hold to have neutral setting
Now starts from the left and ramps up/down smoothly. There is still a period where the change is more rapid as it goes from neutral to where the v-hold normally would be.
Changed melt fade to take upfaders into account
Fixed contrast effect
Fixed 'Box Vertical' and 'Box Both' faders
Will no longer clip when moving vertically
Color correct icon
Turns out the icon was the wrong type of red the whole time


Version: Video-SL 1.0.2
Platform: Win