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From the unknown to the greatest, Serato DJ Pro is the most popular DJ software globally. When you’re talking about Hip-Hop, Dance, and everything in between, you’re looking at the standard.

Top 5 reasons to upgrade

Record your mix

Record and share your mixes with the world

More cuepoints

8 Cue points and 32 Sample slots, with Sync

Cooler effects

A huge array of audio-bending effects from industry leaders iZotope

Mess with your music
Mess with your music

With Beatjump, advanced Looping, Slicer and Slip mode

Key analysis

Make every mix killer with harmonic mixing with easy to use Key Analysis

Compare Serato DJ Lite & Serato DJ Pro

FX Basic Pro
Get access to the DJ necessities of Filters, Echoes, and Delays or get our FX Expansion Pack for complex and creative noise synths, dubbed-out tape echoes and retro 8-bit audio bending FX. All powered by industry leaders iZotope.
Sync Basic Pro
Serato DJ Pro has both Simple and Smart Sync. This means you don't need to worry about beatmatching.
Cue points 4 8
With Serato DJ Pro you’ll be able to assign and trigger up to 8 cue points. You can also personalize your cue points by naming them or by color.
Sample player 4 32
Keep up to 32 samples loaded across 4 banks so you can trigger DJ stings, loops, a capellas, drops and whole tracks from the Serato DJ Pro Sampler.
Keep track of both streamed and locally stored tracks’ individual play count in Serato DJ Pro and Lite.
Record -
Serato DJ Pro allows you to record your full sets in customizable high quality formats, ready to share with your followers online.
Day Mode -
Day Mode makes using Serato DJ Pro easier in bright conditions, simply click the Day Mode icon to toggle on and off.
Midi -
Create, save, and customize your mapping to better suit your performance style. You can also connect a secondary MIDI device for more flexibility to your DJ sets.
Key analysis -
Make your mixes sound smoother than ever with Serato DJ Pro's key detection & display. You’ll be able to easily find the key that fits and harmonically mix your tracks like a professional.
Slicer -
Chop a section of your track into 8 slices on the fly, which are then controlled using the 8 pads available on supported controllers.
Beat jump -
Beat Jump is a feature in Serato DJ Pro that allows you to instantly jump forward or backwards in your track by a predetermined amount, perfectly in time.
Quantize -
Serato DJ Pro has a Quantize function. When selected, your cue points will be snapped to your Beatgrids as you set them. Triggering Cue Points will also match the tempo of your Beatgrids so that you will never go out of time.
Slip mode -
When Slip Mode is activated you can manipulate the audio as normal (e.g Scratching, Looping, triggering Cue Points etc) however, once you have finished, playback position is returned to where it would be if you had not manipulated the audio.
Serato Play
Advanced laptop-only DJing. Enabling you to DJ without any hardware connected and access features such as EQ, FX, Filters, your other expansion packs and more.
Serato Video -
Easily sync, mix and manipulate visuals in your DJ set. Incorporate visual effects and transitions as well as your own promotional graphics.
Serato Flip -
Reimagine your tracks in unlimited ways. Extend or shorten, make clean edits or completely remix and reshuffle your tracks.
Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ -
Shift and sync the key of your tracks as well as adjust to extreme tempo values, without any loss in audio quality.
FX expansion packs -
Get access to over 30 custom effects presets to your set with the Serato FX Pack, powered by iZotope.
Serato Remote -
Serato Remote is an iOS app designed to compliment your existing Serato DJ Pro setup, whether that be CDJs, Turntables or an all-in-one controller.