Trap Starter Pack

With the likes of Travis Scott and Young Thug taking over the charts, trap has become one of the hardest hitting hip hop sub-genres. This pack is full of menacing key top lines and big 808s, through to snappy drums and textures. It’s perfect for creating beats that are full of energy and make you want to turn up. Have at it.

About Komorebi Audio

Founded and run by London wave and trap producer Skit, Komorebi Audio is a forward-thinking sound design company offering industry standard samples and presets with a focus on emerging and experimental sounds.

Contents Audio Samples: 15
Drum Kits: 2
Demo projects: 3
Instruments: 1

Size Download - 81 MB
Install - 110 MB

Software Serato Studio v1.4.4 or above

Download Serato Studio