SP-1200 Swing Sound Pack

With the help of our friends at Melodics, Serato Studio presents the SP-1200 Swing pack. Channelling the gritty magic so pivotal to the sound of New York hip-hop in the '90s, there are two drum kits, three instruments and 30 audio samples to give your beats as much sass as they do warmth. You'll also get five demo projects which you can dissect, take apart and put back together to get inspired.

About Melodics

Our friends at Melodics are the experts when it comes to learning finger drumming and instruments. And with that, they've accumulated an incredible array of original sound recordings, which we've been fortunate to add to our Serato Studio collection. Get familiar.

Contents Audio Samples: 30
Drum Kits: 2
Instruments: 3
Demo projects: 5

Size Download - 109 MB
Install - 176 MB

Min version Serato Studio v1.7 or above is required to use this sound pack
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