Lofi Faded Sound Pack

For the hazier times in the studio, when the beats are a little more understated. Sit back and plunge into the Lofi Faded sound pack - a curated collection of samples, patterns, instruments and drum kits that are purpose-built for chilled music. Choose dynamic key samples that will glide over the top of your brushed drum beats, soundtracking the days spent sinking further into your studio chair.

About Melodics

Our friends at Melodics are the experts when it comes to learning finger drumming and instruments. And with that, they've accumulated an incredible array of original sound recordings, which we've been fortunate to add to our Serato Studio collection. Get familiar.

Contents Audio Samples: 15
Drum Kits: 4
Demo projects: 3
Patterns: 25 (4 Drums 21 Chords)

Size Download - 252 MB
Install - 268 MB

Min version Serato Studio v1.7 or above is required to use this sound pack
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