Global Moombahton Sound Pack

We’ve teamed up with BPM Create to curate a Moombahton-inspired sample pack so you can create floor-filling tunes brimming with sharp grooves, heavy-hitting drums, and piercing synth leads.

If you’re inspired by artists like Dave Nada, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, and JSTJR then look no further.

About BPM Create

BPM Create is the online sample library by leading music service BPM Supreme built for creative beat making, music production, and DJing. Designed for musicians of all skill levels, BPM Create’s mission is to redefine the way artists, producers, and DJs create music.

Contents Audio Samples: 26
Drum Kits: 5
Demo projects: 3
Instruments: 5
Patterns: 10

Size Download - 102 MB
Install - 117 MB

Min version Serato Studio v1.7 or above is required to use this sound pack
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