FaltyDL - Seratocast 38

"This mix was fun to make because I have been playing similar sets, albeit longer, on my weekly show on East Village Radio Tuesdays from 2-4pm EST.  Its nice if i don't have a gig on the weekend I can keep my chops up practicing live on the airwaves to a much bigger crowd than a club.  But it's fun because I still sort of think I am just playing for myself, alone in that radio booth.  I've reached that space in my head a few times at gigs and it's magical.  Honestly in 7 years of djing as my main source of income I have reached that point maybe 7 times.  My entire body feels... If you start loosing the crowd then you are too far out and you need to reel it back in.  Thats a challenge sometimes as well.  When I am djing I am often thinking about how all of the millions of variables which have coincided precisely to make the exact reality in which I am currently in.  Because it's not just the two tracks I am blending, it's also the speakers and the person controlling them and the amount of people on the floor dampening the cold hard echos of the otherwise empty club. Beyond that the overall vibe or happiness of the club is an organism all of it's own changing and mutating quickly.  All it takes is one musical event to completely change the tone of a club in a single instance.  That is some great responsibility.  Happiness levels are indeed gaugeable from my vantage and it's funny because I can't think of any other place where that is the most important/encouraged feeling. Cinemas evoke the gamut of emotions and sports arenas both joy and despair.  Sports events almost always have both at the same time, split down the middle.  In order for one group to be happy, it comes at the cost of one group being upset.  Winners and losers. Clubs need to be a completely safe place for everyone, far safer then they currently are, and their total happiness should come at no cost.  We need to preserve the space that encourages peace."

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