Aquasky - Seratocast 67

Recorded live on a set of Technic 1210s an SL3 box and Serato DJ, is Brent of Aquasky's 'Back from the Shadows Mix'.

After being reached out to by 2 Bad Mice to join a Legends Of Moving Shadow night being held at a festival in the UK, Aquasky put together a set using only music from or by Moving Shadow artists from 1993-1997.

Now it's SeratoCast Mix 67, including shoutouts from as many Moving Shadow artists from that era, including Deep Blue, 2 Bad Mice, Nookie, Foul Play, DJ Trax, Carlito, Essence Of Aura, Cosmo & Dibs, Calyx, Tech Itch, Dave Wallace, Blame, Justice, Harmony, Aquasky (!), Paradox and EZ Rollers.

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