Scratch Live Release Notes

13 January, 2011

What's new in 2.2

* Vestax VFX-1 support

* DJ-FX usability improvements for Rane TTM 57SL users

* Performance and stability improvements.

Please watch the video release notes here.

Full List of Changes

Vestax VFX-1 support for Scratch Live

You can now use the VFX-1 to control DJ-FX in Scratch Live. Just plug in the controller and it will automatically connect to the DJ-FX.

The top half of the VFX-1 controls the Left DJ-FX Unit and the bottom half controls the right DJ-FX Unit.
The controls are:
- Deck A/B buttons: Assign the DJ-FX unit to the left/right primary decks
- Beats knob: Selects the Effects BPM multiplier
In Super knob mode, these controls work as follow:
- Depth knob: Controls the first DJ-FX slots Super knob
- On/Off button: Turns the first DJ-FX slots effect On/Off
- Select knob: Selects the first DJ-FX knob effect
In Ultra knob mode, these controls work as follows:
- Depth knob: Controls the Ultra knob
- On/Off button: Turns the Ultra effects On/Off
- Select knob: Selects the Ultra effect

The Latch control switches the On/Off button from momentary to toggle.

All other controls are MIDI assignable.

Rane TTM 57SL DJ-FX Control

If DJ-FX is enabled on the setup screen and you are not using Video-SL, Group 5 on the TTM 57SL will be set up to control DJ-FX. If you are a Video-SL user you can still assign DJ-FX controls to any of the control groups using the control assign menus.

The following DJ-FX controls are assignable from the TTM 57SL control assign menus:
- Beats
- Select Effect
- Super Knob 1
- Super Knob 2
- Super Knob 3
- Ultra Knob
Buttons / Joysticks / Knob Press:
- Beats Double
- Beats Half
- Select Deck 1
- Select Deck 2
- Select Next Effect
- Select Previous Effect
- Super Effect 1 On
- Super Effect 1 On (Momentary)
- Super Effect 2 On
- Super Effect 2 On (Momentary)
- Super Effect 3 On
- Super Effect 3 On (Momentary)
- Super Knob Mode
- Ultra Knob Mode
- Ultra Effect On
- Ultra Effect On (Momentary)

When you select a DJ-FX control from the popup menu, you are offered to select the left or right DJ-FX unit to control for that function.

New Windows Drivers

The Scratch Live 2.2 Windows installer includes new Windows drivers for the SL 1, TTM 57SL and MP 4. Please connect your Rane hardware to your computer while running the Scratch Live installer to update your drivers. You can also run the "Driver Updater" program from the Start menu after you have installed the new drivers to update them to the latest version.

Note that you should run the "Driver updater" separately with your hardware plugged in for each port you are going to use.

The new drivers include a workaround for problems with i-series Windows computers where some SL 1, TTM 57SL and MP 4 users were experiencing constant audio dropouts or audio blackouts with those hardwares.

Rane Sixty-Eight

- Fixed an occasional crash when starting with the Sixty-Eight plugged in.
- Fixed an occasional crash when using the Sixty-Eight on Windows.
- Fixed a bug where the Sixty-Eight Live Feed would not work correctly in 24-bit record mode on Mac.
- Fixed a bug where the Autoloop range buttons did not work for Deck 4 using the Sixty-Eight.
- Fixed bug where the Sixty-Eight USB channel selector menus would still visible if you hot plug from a Sixty-Eight to another interface (e.g. SL 3).
- Added a checkbox in the setup screen to allow or disallow MIDI assignment for the Sixty-Eight
- Fixed a bug where songs were not loaded correctly from the history or prepare panel when using the Sixty-Eight controls.
- Improved navigation of the history panel using the Sixty-Eight. Using the library select now expands and collapses periods and sessions
- Added support for tabbing through the Files pane on the Sixty-Eight by pressing the scroll knob
- Added support for using instant doubles when primary decks are not 1+2
- Video associations using decks 3 & 4 now work
- Fixed a bug where songs could not be loaded from the history panel using the Sixty-Eight
- Fixed Autoplay not working on deck 4

New firmware for Rane Sixty-Eight, version 1.30

A firmware update for the Sixty-Eight is available on the setup screen. The firmware update fixes the following:
- Fixed intermittent bug in crossfader level on the Sixty-Eight.
- Fixed inconsistent button lighting bug on the Sixty-Eight.

Rane SL 3

- Fixed an occasional crash when starting with the SL 3 plugged in.
- Fixed an occasional crash when disconnecting and then reconnecting the SL3 on Mac
- Fixed a bug where ctrl-clicking the Master Gain with the SL 3 connected would set the gain to its max.
- Fixed a GUI glitch in the setup screen where scopes for the primary and secondary decks would show up in some circumstances using the SL 3
- Fixed SL3 options appearing in the Plug-ins tabs of the Setup Screen when it's not connected
- Fixed a bug where if you started in offline mode, then plugged in the SL 3, the Aux deck wouldn't show up although it's enabled in the setup screen. Also fixed the lack of flashing deck indicators for the same situation.

New firmware for the Rane SL 3, version 2.31

A firmware update for the SL 3 is available on the setup screen. The firmware update fixes the following:
- Fixed Scratch Live startup interrupting audio output on thru.

Rane SL 1

- Fixed primary/secondary scope options showing in the setup screen using the SL1
- Fixed a bug where tracks could be loaded to imaginary 3rd and 4th deck using the SL 1

Rane TTM 57SL

- Fixed Scratch Live crashing on exit when the TTM 57SL was connected on a Mac.
- Fixed a bug where the current deck was not highlighted in stack mode when using the TTM 57SL.
- Fixed TTM 57SL joystick triggering functions on the wrong deck when assigned to a fixed left or right deck.
- Fixed a bug where recordings of the AUX with the TTM 57SL sounded pitched down and glitchy.
- Fixed a bug where the TTM 57SL setup screen joystick had an incorrect background color.
- Fixed a bug where the TTM 57SL controls for the recording panel were selecting the wrong source from the drop down menu.

Denon Hardware

- Fixed an issue where the DN-HC1000S Shift + Loop cut only works on the the first deck.
- Fixed a bug where using Shift + Loop Select on the DN-HC1000S would not scroll the saved loops selector.
- Fixed a bug where the pitch sliders were backwards for the DN-HC4500 and DN-HC2500
- Fixed a bug where Denon DN-HD2500 Enter Crate/Switch browse column did not work correctly.
- Fixed bug where the pitch controls were reversed.

Pioneer Hardware

- Fixed CDJ 400 double/half loop buttons potentially changing a loop to an unexpected size
- Fixed a CDJ-2000 bug where pressing Cues A, B or C, then pressing play would cause the Play/Cue button to light up as though the track was paused.
- Fixed a bug where scratching in HID mode with CDJ-2000 could miss beats.
- Fixed a bug where the CDJ-900 was MIDI mappable.
- You can now connect up to 4 decks in HID mode with the CDJ-400, CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 and the Rane Sixty-Eight, and up to 3 decks with the Rane SL 3.

Novation Dicers

- Fixed Dicer creating cue points not being added to or deleted from the track overview.
- Dicer 4 Deck support with the Sixty-Eight.

Serato Video-SL

- Fixed a bug where Scratch Live would hang when loading a track after disassociating a video from the previous track.
- Fixed a bug where text effect input did not work in Video-SL.
- Fixed multiple cases of MP4 tag edit crashes.
- Fixed file corruption when attempting to automatically set artist - title for MP4s with no meta data.
- Fixed possible crashes when analyzing MP4 files.
- Fixed a bug where videos were being marked as corrupt.
- The text effects text box now works correctly with VSL (was a Windows only bug)

The Bridge

- Fixed dropouts that could occur when saving an Ableton Live recording with The Bridge.
- Fixed a bug where Mixtape audio and automation is incorrect if the recording is larger than 2 hours.
- Fixed The Bridge tab not showing up in the setup screen.
- Fixed a crash after setting more than 128 markers in a beatgrid.
- Fixed a bug where playing the ATC track in INT mode then ejecting would leave the Ableton Live internal play button off even though it is playing.
- Fixed a GUI glitch where Bridge components were being drawn over the library when the Ableton tab was opened via MIDI.
- Fixed a bug where the Ableton panel could be opened via MIDI while it should have been disabled.
- Fixed a bug introduced in 2.2 Public Beta 1 where the Mixtape Mix and Aux outputs on the Sixty-Eight and TTM 57SL would not be recorded.
- Fixed a bug where Ableton Output select was not showing in Scratch Live.
- Fixed a Sixty-Eight Mixtape bug where tracks Line 1 - 4 pre-crossfader assigns could be incorrect.
- Fixed a bug where the Grid Edit mode was still active when The Bridge was disabled, preventing the arrow keys from working correctly
- Fixed ATC Serato Virtual Audio Driver not working on case sensitive Mac systems
- Fixed a bug where Mixtape files weren't saving correctly on Windows


- Fixed 'drop to cue' not working.
- Added support for Quicktime files with corrupt size tags that iTunes and the Quicktime player are still able to play.
- Fixed Needle dropping when in Relative mode with "Drop to absolute position" selected.
- Fixed a bug where loading a track while in ABS mode would result in the Censor button not appearing in REL and INT modes.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to instant double onto the same deck.
- Fixed a bug where using Loop Out on an inactive loop wasn't setting the loop's end point.
- Fixed a bug where the 'Show Deck Controls' setting was not being saved in stack layout mode.
- Fixed a bug on Mac where the Offline Player could sound distorted when Scratch Live was started with the default sound card set to play at 48kHz.


- Fixed dropouts that could occur when pressing the record button.
- Fixed recording LEDs not functioning when not recording.
- Fixed recording Bit Depth buttons not drawing correctly in the Hardware Panel of the Setup Screen
- Fixed a bug where pressing 'save' for a recording didn't stop the record button from flashing.


- Ultraknob custom presets in DJ-FX now have a Super/Ultraknob specific postfix.
- Fixed saving or deleting DJ-FX presets hijacking effect settings.
- Fixed a crash when Ultra Knob presets with empty effects were deleted.
- Fixed a bug when using the DJ-FX Repeater where very small repeat times would cause clicks in the audio.
- Fixed a bug where some controls were being drawn in the wrong place in the DJ-FX panel.
- Fixed incorrect colors for displaying mappings between DJ-FX knobs.
- Fixed the super knob states not being saved correctly
- Fixed a bug where the beats multiplier in DJFX was not being saved between sessions


- Fixed a bug where halving a loop via a MIDI controller would end up an incorrect loop length.
- Fixed a bug where a MIDI assigned track-load-undo would occur on both button press and button release.
- Fixed a bug where the saved loops selector could not be controlled via MIDI.
- Fixed a bug where MIDI controllers may not work in Scratch Live on some occasions on Windows

SP-6 Sample Player

- Fixed bug where SP-6 playhead was in the incorrect location on the track overview.
- Fixed bug where samples could be triggered with hot keys even when the SP-6 was disabled.
- Fixed bug where a MIDI controller could make a disabled SP-6 play.
- Fixed a bug where the SP-6 could loose all preferences when hot-plugging Rane hardware.
- Fixed a bug where dicers were not working when disabled and then re-enabled.

Live Feed

- Added drop down boxes to gated LiveFeed tracks to allow users to select the gated threshold
- Fixed a bug where LiveFeed tracks were showing as corrupt after loading them to to a deck
- Fixed a bug loading LiveFeed track to a deck that is already playing in Autoplay mode
- Fixed a bug where gated LiveFeed tracks on the Sixty-Eight were linking to the wrong source input


- Fixed a crash when writing out OGG tags in Scratch Live.
- Running 2.2 will rename your ScratchLIVE folders to _Serato_.
- Fixed Hebrew and Thai characters having the wrong font size on Windows when zooming.
- Fixed tag/cue/loop changes getting discarded if a track is analyzed while it is loaded to the offline player.
- Fixed overviews rebuilding when reloading a song which had just been analyzed on the deck.
- Fixed tags getting written almost every song (after analysis).
- Fixed tags getting written every time you load an MP3 song for which Auto BPM couldn't calculate a BPM.
- Fixed edit boxes being reset when double clicked.
- Fixed MP3 files losing existing AutoBPM/Autogain information when analyzing files and "Set Auto BPM" check box is off.
- Fixed a bug where M3U playlists created in iTunes could not be imported.
- Fixed a bug where files couldn't be dragged to an empty space in the song library.
- Fixed a bug where track tag changes in Scratch Live may not get stored in the database.
- Fixed Quicktime files from writing out tags the first time you play them during a session.
- Fixed a bug where changing the case of a folder allows the same files to be added multiple times.
- Fixed a bug where songs could be dragged from empty areas in the library.
- Fixed selection changing the order of songs when using shift-up in the library.
- Fix a bug where tags being deleted in an external editor were not updated in Scratch Live.
- Fixed library column sorting to handle different types of whitespace characters.
- Fixed a bug where Scratch Live would remove iTunes tracks from its Library if they were not on disk.
- Fixed a bug where drag and drop over a folder in the files browser had no delay before expanding the folder.
- Stopped Scratch Live from writing to the Crates folder on exit
- Fixed custom crates always being turned on.
- Fixed an issue with tabbing through columns in smart crates causing track details to be overwritten.
- An auto-sort is now performed when a field in a sorted column is changed.
- Fixed not being able to reorder tracks in crates
- Improved the limited number of crates you can have on Windows
- Fixed a bug where some iTunes imported tracks were appearing twice in the song library
- Fixed 'All Video' and 'All Audio' crates having only the song column when they are first enabled
- Fixed a bug where songs were not being removed from parent crates correctly under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a bug where empty parent crates were not remembering their column settings etc


- Fixed a bug where Smart Crate rules where not shown until the Smart Crate edit window was clicked.
- Fixed a bug where Crate collapses could take a long time.
- Fixed a bug where Crates could not be moved if there was a top level Crate with the same name.
- Fixed a bug where empty parent Crates did not remember their sort settings.
- Changed the song order of parent Crates to reflect the order of their Subcrates.
- Fixed a crash when dragging a Smart Crate over an iTunes playlist.
- Fixed a bug where dragging a Crate over your iTunes library would not stop scrolling.
- Fixed a possible hang on Scratch Live start-up while reading in crates.
- Improved performance of Crate sorting
- Fixed a bug where smart crate rules were being drawn below the pop up window


- Fixed a crash when deleting a large review period.
- Changed functionality so that pressing ctrl-delete deletes selected review periods.
- Fixed a hang when enabling then disabling 'show unplayed tracks' when history was empty.
- Fixed a bug where buttons on History panel could be obscured by large Crate windows.

File Formats

- Improved Scratch Live stability when using Quick Time files.
- Fixed an MPEG-4 bug where saved cue points 1, 3, 5 would end up in the 1, 2 and 3 slots upon a reload (non chronologically sorted)
- Fixed a possible hang after writing out MP 4 metadata.
- Fixed a possible corruption of MP4 files with 64-bit metadata tags.
- Fixed several MPEG4 tag edit crashes
- Fixed BPM not being detected for some songs

GUI Changes

- The selected deck display now has a new white border.
- Tightened up alignment and spacing for much of the GUI in all Display Modes.
- Fixed a bug where level meters were incrementing two lights at a time.
- Fixed a bug where Two Deck Stack Mode only showed decks 1 and 2 rather than the primary decks.
- Fixed a bug where changing to INT mode from a MIDI controller left GUI artifacts on the screen.
- Fixed a bug where the buttons around the decks in a Classic view mode (e.g. Keylock, Eject etc) would have the wrong background color around their edges.
- Fixed a bug where a small gray box was showing in the Files panel.
- Fixed a bug where Rescan Tags and Relocate Lost Files buttons were not lighting up with drag and drop.
- Fixed a bug where the file move/copy progress bar did not update correctly.
- Fixed a bug where knobs in the Setup Screen were not updating correctly
- Fixed a bug where items in the MIDI panel of the Setup Screen could not be clicked
- Fixed some minor GUI alignment issues
- Fixed a bug where the play button remains lit up when the USB channel selector was set to off
- Fixed the white playhead marker not updating when platter-adjusting loop end points.
- Fixed a bug where song info area would change in size when a track with a 'key' tag was added to a deck in stack mode
- In horizontal mode, the waveforms will now stretch out to the full screen width when the audio cache is set to 60
- Fixed auto-loop buttons not shifting to the current position when triggered via midi.
- Fixed The Bridge GUI from having incorrect old graphics.
- Fixed hebrew font size being too small at the minimum font size
- Fixed focus of current loop selected when using midi
- Fixed a bug where decks at 45rpm would scale waveforms, putting them out of sync with 33rpm decks


- Fixed several important crashes when exiting Scratch Live
- Fixed several issues regarding unnecessary memory consumption
- Forced any "Invalid Parameter" error messages to appear only once so that control over Scratch Live can be maintained

Version: Scratch Live 2.2
Size: 12.28 MB
Platform: Win