Scratch Live Release Notes

12 August, 2010

What's new in 2.1

* New Ultra Knob effects for the free DJ-FX plugin. Ultra Knob effects give you one-knob performance control of advanced effects including "Echo Out" and "Brake Out".

* Included 32 new Ultra Knob Effects and 28 new Super Knob effects.

* Novation Dicer support. Full integration with the Novation Dicer gives you tactile control of Cues, Rolls and Autoloops.

* Advanced HID support for the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900. Advanced HID control was co-engineered by Pioneer and Serato to allow for unprecedented integration of Scratch Live and the CDJ including library navigation, overview display, album art display, and responsive platter control.

* Many more feature enhancements, fixes and improvements.

Please watch the video release notes here.

Full List of Changes

New DJ-FX Features

- Added New Ultra Knob Effects. Each FX unit now has two control modes - Ultra Knob Mode and Super Knob mode, both of which can be fully customized. In Ultra Knob mode you can load more advanced effects such as "Echo Out" and "Brake Out" - and just like the Super Knob you can Edit, Create and Save new Ultra Knob Effects yourself.
- Added 32 new Ultra Knob Effects and 28 new Super Knob effects.
- Added a "Beats" control to the DJ-FX Panel. This control sets the BPM for the effects unit in Ultra Knob and Super Knob Modes.
- The DJ-FX Knobs now have a new look so you can easily see their position from a distance.

Novation Dicer

- Added integrated Plug n Play support for the Novation Dicer.

CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900

- You can now use the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 with Scratch Live in Advanced HID mode. When in Advanced HID Mode you will have complete Scratch Live integration at your fingertips including library navigation, overview display, album art display, and responsive platter control.
Note: Scratch Live support requires v3.10 CDJ firmware which is available from the Pioneer website here: CDJ-2000 / CDJ-900


- Added a fix for the problem where the TTM 57SL would dropout constantly on new Intel Macs.
- The TTM 57SL control assign menus are now categorized to make assigning of controls easier.
- Fixed bug where swapping from the TTM57-SL in Scratch Live to other Rane hardware could result in the Hardware panel staying visible.

SL 1

- Added a fix for the problem where the SL 1 would dropout constantly on new Intel Macs.

SL 3

- Included SL 3 firmware update v2.30. Firmware v2.30 will allow for compatibility with future Core Audio / ASIO drivers. Please update your firmware from the [i]Hardware[/i] tab on the setup screen.
- You can now use keyboard shortcuts to control the Aux Deck on the SL 3. When using 3 decks, pressing the ~ key on your keyboard will toggle focus between Decks 1+2 and the Aux deck. When the Aux deck has focus, the left deck keyboard shortcuts will apply to the Aux Deck.
- Added a flashing deck indicator option for the SL3 when the Aux deck is enabled. The option appears on the Aux deck plugins tab when Aux Deck is enabled.


- Included Rane Sixty-Eight Firmware version 1.13. Please update your firmware from the [i]Hardware[/i] tab on the setup screen.
- With firmware v1.13, the Sixty-Eight Mixer controls are now assignable in MIDI learn mode.
- History for the Sixty-Eight now detects whether a track has been "played" using the mixer fader positions and channel assignments.
- Fixed bug where using the Rane Sixty-Eight and activating Auto Loop or Loop Roll could use/erase the current numbered loop slot.
- Fixed bug where the setup screen could display a Rane Sixty-Eight firmware version of 0.0 on Windows.
- Fixed bug where hot-plugging the Sixty-Eight would change the primary decks, if they were changed in the current session.
- Fixed bug where sometimes there would be distortion in recordings from the Rane Sixty-Eight.
- Fixed bug on Mac when using the Rane Sixty-Eight where out putting audio through a deck could lead to unassigned decks outputting identical audio.

Other DJ-FX Changes

- Added new Auto Fader and Fader effects which can be used to create Ultra Knob effects. These can be used to create "Post Fader" Ultra Knob effects.
- Changed the Reverser and Repeater effects. Now they have the max 'beats' value of 8/1 and and count parameters 0 - 7, infinite (∞) and random.
- The Reverser will now play forward for half its beats time and then reverse that audio and play that back 'count' amount of times for a more musical sounding effect.
- Optimized effects and effects selection. This should reduce the chance of a dropout when swapping out certain effects.
- Added categorized popup menus for the Super Knob effects.
- Fixed bug when saving effects presets where it was not obvious that entering a name then pressing "Save" instead of "Save As..." would overwrite the current effect preset. The save button is now disabled in this situation to avoid confusion.
- Fixed bug where tapping a tempo could stop the phaser and flanger resyncing its LFO when switched on.
- Fixed bugs with DJ-FX menu selection being empty if the preset XML was deleted while Scratch Live was closed. (It should have defaulted to an effect).
- Improved efficiency of LFO based effects, especially on start up.
- Fixed bug where the Braker, Reverser and Repeater effects were running at half the specified Beats value.
- The DJ-FX panel will now stay open across a USB disconnect/reconnect.
- Fixed bug where repeater would repeat when chance was set to 0.
Fixed bug where the Repeater, Braker and Reverser would fail to trigger or trigger at the incorrect time if your turntable pitch is fluctuating.
- Fixed DJ-FX bug where any chance parameter over 50% would trigger all the time for the Braker, Repeater and Reverser effects.
- Removed audio glitches caused by the Repeater.
- Fixed Flanger volume drop.
- Fixed bug where the Repeater audio effect could click on the right channel.
- Altered the Flanger so the delay parameter is now the minimum delay used, at an LFO of 100% it will modulate between the parameter delay and a 15ms max delay.
- Fixed bug where the Flangers right channel would behave oddly/cycle incorrectly.
- Improved the sound quality of the Flanger in the lower frequencies.
- The 'Enable Sixty-Eight DJ-FX Sends' button now only shows when a Rane Sixty-Eight is plugged in.
- Fixed bug where Tremolo LFO values 3 and 4 had identical waves.
- Fixed bug where it was possible to get both DJFX assign buttons (Deck 1...4) to be visibly on.

MIDI Controllers

- Fixed bug on the Denon HC-1000S where quickly changing groups could result in the LEDs going out.
- Fixed bug where the CDJ-400 could not be set to WIDE pitch slider mode when connected to Scratch Live.
- Fixed Denon HC-4500 bug where pressing the param knob when the crate window had focus would load a track instead of returning focus to the library panel.
- Fixed autolooping on the Numark DMC 2.
- Fixed bug where the INT Mode pitch sliders were reversed if assigned to Relative Control Change MIDI events.
- Fixed bug where switching to the Files of History view using a MIDI controller while on the setup screen could cause incorrect buttons to appear on screen.
- Fixed bug where INT Mode pitch sliders could not reach 0% with absolute MIDI controls.
- Fixed bug where pitching down to -100.0% with a natively supported CD player would result in the reversal of the play direction.
- Fixed bug where you could not deselect the help button while MIDI assign mode was on.
- Fixed bug when MIDI assigning a control, if the MIDI control was previously assigned the old assign would not be removed from screen.
- Fixed bug where creating a new MIDI preset did not clear current MIDI assignments.
- Fixed Denon HC-4500 bug where pressing the 'memo' button in order to set or delete cue points rarely worked.
- Fixed bug where absolute MIDI controls couldn't reach 0% on the INT mode pitch sliders.
- Fixed possible crash when loading a track using the DN-HC4500.
- Fixed bug where assigning non-absolute MIDI buttons may not trigger some events correctly i.e. DJFX on/off states.
- Fixed bug where HID devices would not update deck info/lighting on connect (e.g. the playing button may not light up).

SP-6 Sample Player

- Fixed bug where the SP-6 mute buttons did not work correctly.
- Fixed bug where SP-6 would not correctly mute low sample rate tracks.
- Fixed bug where SP-6 master mute could never be turned off.
- Fixed SP6 buttons flashing/strobing on mouse down events.
- Fixed lock up that could happen when simultaneously changing the active sample bank and a sample slots gain.


- Fixed problems where sometimes Auto BPM would detect half or doubled BPMs.
- Fixed bug where you could perform multiple file transfers at once leading to a possible crash.
- Track length, bitrate and samplerate are now loaded into the library when you re-import tracks (or rescan tags).
- Sample rate info from iTunes imported tracks is now displayed correctly.
- Fixed a bug where bit-rate from iTunes imported tracks was being set to 0.0
- Fixed high CPU load with large number of crates.
- Fixed bug where pressing 'next song' on the last song in a crate would play the second to last song, not the first.
- Fixed the bug where copying or moving files using the File panel resulted in delayed status bar text.
- Fixed bug where opening the browse panel would unselect the currently selected tracks.
- Fixed bug where track status/warning messages appear for files that are outside of the library window on mouse hover.
- Fixed hang that could happen when sorting columns by location.
- Fixed unnecessarily large memory usage with large libraries.
- Improved the speed of scrolling through the Crates window.
- Improved the speed of Analyzing Files.
- Added the ability to drag a history period or session to an existing crate to add it's contents.
- Fixed bug where when opening the column select menu while Video-SL was open, the column select menu would become unusable.
- Fixed bug where Remixer rules in Smart Crates would be lost after restarting Scratch Live.
- Fixed bug where LiveFeed tracks could be deleted.
- Fixed bug where crate update/eject buttons and edit boxes would not appear in the correct position after horizontally scrolling the crates view.
- Fixed bug where changing selection in the browse container could clear all filtering from the current crate.
- Fixed bug where scanning ID3 tags could empty out non-live updating Smart Crates.
- Fixed issue when reordering tracks by drag and drop while the order is reversed.
- Fixed bug where tracks imported from the Files panel by using the cmd/ctrl + left or right arrow where cleared from the Scratch Live database on exit.
- Fixed bug where GUI did not update after a Move/Copy of files.
- Fixed bug where using keyboard shortcuts to play the next track could lead to a hang, if all tracks in a crate where missing.
- Fixed bug where the history export panel would not display if the Live playlists option was ticked.
- Fixed bug where deleting an inherited track from a crate would cause the creation of a (safe) crate and give a crate reading error on start up.
- Fixed bug where using the "expand library on track scroll" option and opening the column select menu could make the select menu unusable on library collapse.
- Fixed possible rare crash on track load.
- Fixed a bug where some ID3 BPM tags were not being read.
- Fixed possible corruption in MPEG4 files.
- Fixed bug where you could have a crate with no name.
- Fixed bug where changing the size or order of columns would trigger a track sort.
- Fixed bug where columns would not sort.
- Fixed bug where double-clicking in the track list column header would perform a double-click on the track underneath (making the track editable).
- Fixed bug where BPM was not being saved when analyzing files.
- Fixed bug where overviews where not building on single core machines.
- Fixed bug where genre could not be set and was defaulting to 'other'.
- Fixed crash when pressing ctrl+up/down on an empty crate.
- Fixed crash that could occur when editing M4A/AAC tags.
- Fixed crash when editing multiple M4A or MP4 track tags on Windows.
- Fixed crash on Windows when creating a smart crate with an empty BPM field.
- Fixed bug where artwork may not show after editing track details of a M4A/AAC/ALAC file.
- Fixed bug where pressing "Rescan ID3 Tags" would not read changed album art.
- Fixed bug where moving left/right to edit different columns while editing track tags would revert changes.
- Doing 'relocate lost files' on M4A and MP4 files with associated XML and OVB metadata will now move the XML and OVB files to the correct location. Note: This doesn't remove the old folder.
- Fixed bug where locate track (crtl+l) would locate tracks from 4 decks, even when less that 4 are active.
- Fixed bug where loading a track to decks 3 or 4 in offline mode could cause Analyze Files to freeze.


- Added a fix for the problem where the TTM 57SL and SL 1 would dropout constantly on new Intel Macs.
- The Hi-Fi Resampler is now on by default.
- Fixed bug where: while in REL mode with 'drop to absolute position' checked and 'play from start' and 'play from cue point' unchecked, doing a needle drop didn't always take the playhead to an absolute position. This happened when another track was loaded while the needle was stopped or up.
- Fixed bug where "drop to abs" didn't work for the first track load.
- Fixed bug where pitching up or down via keyboard shortcut word not turn off when DJ-FX popup menus where open.
- Fixed possible hang when playing/ejecting tracks.
- Fixed bug where loading a track with a linked video (while the linked video is on deck) could change the gain of the linked video.
- Fixed possible Windows crash/memory corruption when using the Rane Sixty-Eight.
- Fixed keylock audio glitches on low sample rate tracks (tracks low than 44.1k).
- Fixed bug where pressing rewind or fast forward with keyboad short cuts would not release on key up.
- Fixed bug where decks 3 and 4 did not correctly apply auto gain.
- Fixed pitch bend buttons not working on decks 2,3,4.


- Fixed possible hang when loading a track with an associated video.
- Fixed issues with saving video association and video effects on Sixty-Eight with primary decks 2+3.
- Fixed bug where hot-plugging the TTM-57SL while Video-SL was running would not update group 5 to Video-SL control.

GUI bugs

- Waveforms should now be smoother when scrolling through the library with a Library Album Art view turned on.
- Fixed bug where switching to an album art view for the first time would freeze the GUI.
- Fixed bug where pitch sliders could be drawn over popup windows on Mac.
- Fixed bug where popups could cause incorrectly rendered waveforms.
- Fixed bug where horizontal waveforms were off-centre.
- Fixed GUI bug where the red autoloop MIDI assign border would show in offline mode.
- Fixed bug where the three band waveform setting was not recalled over a restart.
- Fixed bug on Mac where the horizontal waveforms playhead line was drawn with its black outlining drawn incorrectly.
- Fixed bug where loading a tracks with Key information could cause the library view decks to become unaligned.
- Fixed GUI bug where the text in the beat multiplier box was not vertically centered.
- Fixed bug where changing the DJ-FX mode would cause the popup menu to be drawn in the top-left of the screen.
- Fixed Windows bug where changing the buffer latency setting can remove the highlighted deck rings.
- Fixed bug where incorrect track library icons were being displayed.
- Fixed intermittent bug where album art would not show up on the deck.
- Fixed bug where the MIDI assign rect for the tap tempo button was not drawn correctly.
- Fixed bug where the crate list was drawn incorrectly when changing its width or font size.
- Fixed bug where record button remained flashing after recording had been stopped and saved.
- Fixed flickering of autoloop selection select controls.
- Fixed hang on Mac when using tooltips and clicking on the color selector.
- Fixed bug where playlists progress bars would appear behind History buttons when not in use.
- Fixed issues when changing the selected library panel (e.g. History, Files etc), panels could unexpectedly close leaving GUI artifacts behind (such as buttons, labels etc).
- Fixed pitch bend buttons not lighting correctly via keyboard shortcut.
- Fixed bug where you could toggle the primary decks (using tilde) when in offline mode, 57 mode or SL1 mode.
- Fixed bug where you could not click 'check for updates' button at minimum screen resolution.

Other Changes

- Fixed bug where setting a loop in the 'A' slot would create a loop in the first unlocked slot.
- When recordings are saved, the song name is now the same as the file name instead of being the entire path+filename.
- Fixed Rane MP4 from not recording properly.

Version: Scratch Live 2.1
Size: 13.10 MB
Platform: Win