Scratch Live 2.0 Release Notes

7 April, 2010

What's new in 2.0

New Features

- Free DJ FX Plugin for Scratch Live - 2 FX units with 3 chained effects per unit. Create and save new effects with the effects editor.

- Free Aux Deck plugin for SL 3 users enables you to DJ with 3 decks.

- Free Serato Playlists plugin which allows you to share your sets online using your user profile - offline or as you play.

- Brand new Display Modes with a range of screen layouts to suit your style of performing and improve workflow.

- 4 different Library views including enhanced Album Art browsing for quick identification of your music.

- Build "Smart Crates" easily using keywords from your music library.

- Advanced File Management allows you to move or copy your tracks from and to external drives while keeping them in your library.

DJ FX Plugin

The new DJ FX Plugin for Scratch Live gives you complete control with 2 FX units - each with 3 chained effects per unit.

Each effect can be controlled by one Super Knob when in Performance Mode or you can tweak each individual parameter in Advanced Mode. For the most advanced users you can even create your own unique effect sounds by mapping parameters to the Super Knob while in Edit Mode.

To use the new free DJ FX Plugin, go to the Plugins tab on the setup screen, then choose DJ FX Plugin and check enable DJ FX plugin.

When the plugin is enabled, the DJ FX panel button will appear on the main screen next to the Record panel button.

By default the DJ FX panel will open in Performance Mode. When in performance mode, you will have the most efficient control of your FX with one control knob per effect. Press the Advanced Mode button on the right hand side of the DJ FX panel to open Advanced Mode Which allows you to control each individual effect parameter and link and unlink them from the Super Knob.

DJ FX - Performance Mode

You can have up to 3 effects loaded and chained per effect unit at a time. Each effect unit has a [b]Super Knob[/b] which controls the amount of each effect.

DJ FX - Advanced Mode

Advanced mode exposes the individual parameters for each effect. Each parameter knob can be controlled with the mouse or can be mapped to a MIDI controller using MIDI learn.

You can also link or unlink a parameter from the Super Knob by pressing the Link Button.

DJ FX - Edit Mode

Super tweak-heads can create macro mappings for each effect by pressing the Edit Button while in Advanced Mode. When in Edit Mode more controls appear which allow you to create and change parameter mappings to the Super Knob.

To map a parameter to the Super Knob:

- First unlink the parameter that you want to map to the super knob.
- Move the Super Knob to the position that you want the parameter to start mapping from.
- Move the Parameter Knob to the position that you want the to be the lowest value of the parameter.
- Press the Macro Min Button (-)
- Move the Super Knob to the position that you want the parameter to end being controlled from.
- Move the Parameter Knob to the position that you want the to be the highest value of the parameter.
- Press the Macro Max Button (+)
- Link the parameter to the Super Knob by pressing the Link Button.

Now move the Super Knob and you will see the parameter knob move to the range that you just specified.

DJ FX - Sharing Effects

You can share new effects that you have created using Edit Mode with your friends. When you save an effect, it will be saved in the Music\ScratchLive\Effects folder with a .xml file extension. If you give the xml file to your friends and place it in their
Music\ScratchLive\Effects folder, they can use your effect on their computer.

Display Modes

Scratch Live 2.0 gives you 4 different Display Modes to suit your style of performance. The Display Mode buttons are in the top left of the Main Screen. The available display modes are:
Library Mode - Maximizes your library space.
Classic Vertical Mode - Classic 2 deck vertical mode.
Classic Horizontal Mode - Classic 2 deck horizontal mode.
Stack Mode - Decks are stacked on top of each other in a horizontal fashion.

Library Mode

You can toggle between Library Mode and any other Display Mode by pressing the space bar while on the main screen.

Stack Mode

New Stack Mode aligns the waveforms on top of each other, while maximizing waveform space.

The Deck controls can be shown or hidden by pressing the Show Deck Controls Button on the Stack Mode Deck (the button with the small downward facing triangle).

Aux Deck Plugin

The Free Aux Deck plugin for SL 3 users enables you to DJ with 3 decks in Stack Mode.

To use the new free Aux Deck Plugin, go to the Plugins tab on the setup screen, then choose SL 3 Aux Deck Plugin and check enable SL 3 Aux Deck plugin. You will now have 3 decks available when in Stack Mode.

Library Views

You can now choose between 4 different library views which allow for visual browsing with Album Art. The Library View buttons are in the bottom left area of the main screen next to the Add Crate and Add Smart Crate buttons.

The library views available are:
- Simple list
- Album art list
- Album art grid 1
- Album art grid 2

Serato Playlists Plugin for Scratch Live

Serato Playlists allows you to upload your history playlists to your profile for viewing, sharing and editing. You can also enable the 'Live Playlists' option to share what you are playing online in realtime.

The Serato Playlists plugin and Live Playlists options can be enabled in the Plugins tab on the Setup screen. Once the plugin is enabled, new options will appear in the History panel for uploading your playlists, and for starting and stopping Live Playlist sessions.

Once you have uploaded a History session to your DJ profile, you can view, edit and choose to share your Playlists from the Playlists tab of your DJ Profile page.

Smart Crates

You can now create Smart Crates which automatically update their contents using keywords from your music library.

To create a smart crate press the Add Smart Crate button in the bottom left corner of the main screen (which has a picture of a blue crate on it).

A popup window will open which will allow you to add the rules to fill your smart crate. Press Add Smart Crate Rule to add a rule for the smart crate to match on. For each rule you can choose a field to match on from the drop down menu.

Advanced File Management

Advanced File Management allows you to move or copy your tracks from and to external drives while keeping them in your library. To move or copy tracks, open the [b]Files[/b] panel, then drag and drop tracks, crates or files onto the folder or drive that you wish to move or copy to.

This feature is great for selecting tracks and crates to copy onto an external drive to take to a gig.

New Offline Player

The offline player has been redesigned to offer a compact player ideal for playing music in your library, and for setting up your cue points and loops.

The Deck controls can be shown or hidden in the same way as Stack Mode by pressing the Show Deck Controls Button on the Offline Player (the button with the small downward facing triangle).

Panels Area

Scratch Live Panels (Recording / SP-6 / Hardware / DJ FX / Video-SL) have now been moved out of the Library area. You can now have any of these panels open at the same time as any of the library panels (Browse / Prepare / History).

Plugins Tab

We have added more options to the plugins tab - options for the SP-6, DJ FX, SL 3 Aux Deck, and Video-SL. The SP-6 will be enabled by default - if you wish to turn off the SP-6 Sample Player or any other plugin, you can go into the Plug-ins menu and turn them off to save CPU.

New Recording Panel

The Recording Panel is now a full size panel, and includes full-size stereo level meters for high resolution monitoring.

Additional Changes / Additions


-You can now choose to have "No Footswitch" for the TTM 57SL on the Hardware tab of the setup screen. Choosing this will free up screen space on the Hardware panel on the main screen.
- Redesigned the TTM 57SL Hardware panel to be more compact and give more library space.

Library / Files

- You can now embed album art into your tracks. To do this, drag and drop a jpeg or png file onto the track in the album art view, or onto the 'show album art' window.
- Added smooth scrolling of the library on Mac OS X when scrolling with the track-pad or a mighty mouse.
- Added library font size and album art size sliders in the library tab of the setup screen.
- Scratch Live can now read 48-bit color PNGs for album art
- Fixed bug where certain MP3s with a blank genre would show up as "Blues".
- Fixed bug where iTunes tracks "Album Artist" tag show as the "Album" tag in Scratch Live.
- History sessions now resize better when collapsing and expanding.
- Fixed bug where dragging a track on Mac OS X Tiger could cause a large white box to appear and some slowdown.
- The 'Year' tag can now be saved in mpeg-4 meta data.
- Changed Files panel so you can now scroll to the left/right while dragging an item.
- Fixed an MP4 import and track load crash on Mac.
- Fixed bug where playlists created in old versions of Scratch Live did not contain correct time zone information.

Playback and Performance

- Added a pitch [b]Range[/b] button for the Internal Mode Pitch Sliders. Ranges available are: 8%, 10%, 16%, 50% and 100%.
- Fixed bug when autoplay would not select a track after reaching the end of a crate. The first track in the crate will now next when reaching the end of a crate.
- Fixed high memory usage in the offline player on windows.
- Fixed bug where saving a recording would not write tags correctly, possibly causing heavy load on the CPU and drop-outs.
- Fixed bug where a larger number of crates could cause high CPU load and possible drop-outs.
- Fixed bug when playing a CD, audio buffering could not keep up.
- Fixed rare crash that might occur on song load.
- Fixed instant doubles not working when 'lock playing deck' option was enabled.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't instant double by dragging a track from a deck onto itself.
- You now have to drag the mouse for at least 4 pixels when dragging from a Virtual Deck to avoid accidental drag and drops into itself.
- Prevented drag-and-drop from one deck to the other activating when Lock playing deck is on and Instant doubles is off.
- Removed support for CV-01 control vinyl.


- Added pitch nudging to the SP-6 pitch bend buttons (Ctrl+Click).
- Fixed bug where the SP-6 Mute buttons would cause an audible 'click' on mouse up.
- Fixed bug where the SP-6 might not save it's preferences.

MIDI / Hardware Controllers

- When in MIDI assign mode, the MIDI assign panel is now an expandable panel that appears below the decks. When opened it hides the current open panel e.g. Video-SL, SP-6, Effects.
- You can now choose the Pitch Slider range for MIDI / Hardware Controllers. The ranges available are: 8%, 10%, 16%, 50% and 100%.
- Fixed bug where certain relative MIDI controls would be assigned as absolute when loaded from MIDI XML.
- The Denon DN-HD2500 and DN-HC4500 controllers now cycle between the available pitch ranges while the range button is held down instead of toggling between 8% and 16%.
- Fixed bug where you could not MIDI learn the DN-HC1000S knob to the Library Scroll knob.
- Fixed Denon DN-HD2500 and DN-HC4500 track loading in the prepare panel.
- Fixed cue lights on Denon DN-HC1000S not updating states correctly when on the setup screen.
- Fixed bug where the Denon HC1000S and other MIDI controllers were unable to load songs from history.
- Fixed Denon DN-HC4500 cue lights not remaining lit when pressed under some circumstances.
- Fixed bug where the DN-HC1000S lights would not always update when switching to the Native channel.
- Fixed bug where changing to the Native channel on the DN-HC1000S could open the Files panel.

Running more than one version of Scratch Live

Installing this version will by default overwrite any previous version you had installed, however it is easy to have more than one version of Scratch Live installed if you wish.

If you have an important gig coming up, you might like to stick with the version you know until you are comfortable with this version. Here's how to do it:
Windows Users

Before installing, find the Scratch Live executable (by default it is in C:\Program files\Serato\ScratchLIVE, and rename it. It makes sense to name it in a way that suggests which version of Scratch Live it is. For example, if you're renaming Scratch Live 1.9.2 call it Scratch Live 1.9.2.exe. When you install the new version, the old executable will not be deleted, and you can choose which you want to run by going into that folder and double clicking on the appropriate executable.

Mac users

Before installing, rename the existing application file as above (eg. Scratch Live 1.9.2) - you have to be admin to rename it. (If you aren't admin, you can copy it to another location, and then rename it.)

Backing up your data

Before you make any changes to your Scratch Live setup, including installing a new version, as a general rule we highly recommend that you backup your data and your music files. The easiest way to backup your data is to simply copy your Scratch Live folder to another location on the drive:

  • For the drive that contains "My Documents" (or your Home drive on Mac), just copy the Scratch Live folder which is in "My Documents\My Music\" to another location on this drive. Alternatively make a copy of the folder where it already is and rename it by adding the date to the folder name so you know what's in the backup.
  • To back up the database and crates from an external drive, copy the _ScratchLive_ folder (which is in the root of the drive) into another folder on the same drive.

Version: Scratch Live 2.0
Platform: Win