Scratch Live Release Notes

22 May, 2008

New Features and Enhancements

Support for New Controllers

Native support in Scratch Live has been added for the Denon DN-HC4500, the Denon DN-HD2500, and the Numark DMC2.

These controllers are plug and play, just like the Numark iCDX. Just plug it in, select the USB/PC connection mode on the device if necessary, and it will automatically become a controller for Scratch Live.

Loop BPM Display

When looping, the deck BPM counter now adjusts the displayed BPM to fit the exact length of the loop. It assumes that the number of beats in the loop is a "power of 2", for example 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. You can use this feature to match a loop of "ambient noise" to a beat playing on the other deck so that they loop in time.

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous changes

iTunes library support

- Fixed slow iTunes Library load times that some users were experiencing.
- Fixed a bug introduced in 1.8.0 where the iTunes library would not load properly if there was a bad file in the iTunes library. This also stops the same problem from happening if iTunes has written a bad entry into the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file.
- A "warning" icon is now displayed in the library next to files imported from iTunes that have an unsupported encoding. The text displayed in the song title area when an unsupported file is loaded indicates that the file cannot be played. The text will give specific details related to the file, or if details are not available it will display "Unsupported file format".

MIDI and Controllers

- Fixed MIDI presets from not saving on non-english Windows installations.
- MIDI controllers now respect the 'lock playing deck' option
- Back-spin now works correctly on the Numark iCDX.
- The "preliminary support" in 1.8.0 for the Denon HC4500 controller via MIDI has now been removed, since the HC4500 is supported natively by Scratch Live.

Offline Player

- The Offline Player still operates (albeit without sound) if there's no sound device selected in the OS (for example if there's no sound card or it's disabled). A warning message will appear to indicate the absence of an output device.
- Keylock is now turned off in the Offline Player.

Deck Controls and Playback

- Made improvements to reduce the number of USB dropouts on Mac.
- Tweaked cue point and loop point audio buffering so that the audio is available at the cues and loops sooner (especially on large audio cache sizes)
- Fixed bug where the loop in button on the left deck would not update the other loop buttons correctly.
- Instant doubles from a playing deck to a deck that is paused in Internal Mode now starts playback on the target deck.
- Improved accuracy of position and pitch transferred to target deck during Instant Double.
- Rewinding past the start of a track when 'auto' mode is on no longer loads the previous track. This is to stop unwanted behaviour when scratching near the start of a track.
- Fixed a bug where tracks with 48kHz sample rate would not play after playing a 44.1kHz track on the offline player then plugging in your hardware if your audio cache is not set to 60 seconds. Previously this would cause the track to load without the scrolling waveform or audio.
- Improved stability of AAC files
- Fixed the relative mode controls from being missing in the offline player when transitioning from ABS mode to the offline player

Library, Crates and Tracklist

- The track list can now scroll horizontally while resizing columns.
- Now the edit box behaves sensibly if you edit a track field that is wider than the library width (eg. a very long comment)
- Fixed accent characters in M3U files from not working.
- M3U8 files can now be imported (UTF8 version of M3U).
- Fixed bug where you could paste illegal filename characters into a crate name. This was causing crates not to be saved. Illegal characters are now replaced with '-'.
- Fixed bug where clicking on an open edit box in the library would close the editbox.
- Fixed bug where searching by 'year' would only search by year if search by 'video track' was selected.
- Fixed a bug where the track Genre changed to "Blues" if the genre started with a '(' character.
- AAC files (.m4a) should now save BPM tags correctly.

Preferences and Setup Options

- Auto-fill overviews now calculates auto-gain again, and no longer causes dropouts on certain computers.
- Fixed 33/45 Issue where the 45 preference was not loaded correctly to left deck when starting Scratch Live.
- Fixed bug where the SL 1 settings for Phono level were not being applied correctly at startup until you reselect the level. This fixes the problem where recordings from vinyl came out with no bass.

Other fixes and changes

- Fixed the 'invalid parameter' bug on Windows, reported by some users when using the TTM 57SL P1 and P2 knobs or when using the library search function. An easy way to reproduce the bug was to leave your library scrolling up through tracks, from the bottom of the 'All...' crate.
- Fixed the bug where Scratch Live would freeze if you put your laptop to sleep in Leopard with your Scratch Live hardware connected (Mac). After waking from sleep, your hardware may take longer than usual to be detected (about 5 - 10 seconds) after sleep.
- Scratch Live now uses the folder '_ScratchLIVE_' for new Scratch Live libraries on external drives instead of the hidden '.ScratchLIVE' folder. This new library location should be backwards compatible to version 1.7.0.
Upon loading 1.8.1, your external drive library will be migrated from .ScratchLIVE to _ScratchLIVE_. The old folder will not be physically deleted, but will also not be used from now on.
- Autobackup is now silent on Windows (no copy/delete file dialogs).
- Fixed crash on exit that could occur if you hit 'y' and another key at the same time on the exit screen
- If you quit Scratch Live while it is minimized to the dock, the window is now popped up so you can confirm the exit. (For example performing a system restart while Scratch Live is minimized).
- Fixed bug where if you move the setup latency slider, then back to it's original position the 'apply' button stayed on screen and you couldn't click on it

Video-SL specific changes

Video panel/TTM 57SL Video Group

- Added 3GP file support to Video-SL.
- The Video Panel now gets hidden when you have the 'expand library on track scroll' option turned on.
- Fixed the Video hardware panel to correctly show the TTM 57SL joystick transform state.
- Fixed Video function descriptions not showing up on hardware panel.
- Fixed the track label color, gain and loops 6 - 9 not being stored in video files.
- The Video group on the TTM 57SL now remembers the selected deck between Scratch Live sessions.

iTunes library support

- Videos imported via the iTunes importer now have an iTunes Video icon.
- Fixed iTunes Videos from not being imported if they are not in a Scratch Live crate.

Other changes

- Removed the 'drag n drop' square when dragging tracks on Mac so it won't show up on the secondary monitor.
- Fixed Video metadata from not being saved on external drives on Windows.

Version: Scratch Live 1.8.1
Size: 12.01 MB
Platform: Win