Scratch Live Release Notes

24 January, 2007

Scratch Live 1.7.0

This is a new cutting edge version of Scratch Live that introduces many new features including Key Lock, subcrates, automatic BPM detection, auto gain, support for the Numark iCDX and much more.
New Features:
Key Lock
The Key Lock on/off button replaces the label color button, at the top left corner of the Virtual Deck. (see below for info on how to change label color). When Key Lock is on, the key or pitch of the song stays locked at what it would be if the track was playing at normal speed, regardless of the platter speed of the turntable or CD player. Key Lock has scratch detection, so that it automatically turns off when scratching for a natural scratching sound. F5 and F10 will turn keylock on and off for the left and right decks respectively.

Keylock is also assignable on the TTM 57SL
You can now drag and drop crates into other crates to make subcrates. If you drag a crate to the very left of the crate panel, it will stay in the top level of the subcrate structure, just like in version 1.6. If you drag the crate a little to the right, onto the name of another crate, it will make the crate you are dragging a sub crate of the other crate. Try dragging a crate onto other crates, the display will tell you where it is going to go. Remember that how far to the left or right makes a difference.

There is a new option in the setup screen, called "include subcrate tracks". If you have this option turned on, any crate will also display the contents of all its subcrates.

We also now have support for iTunes folders.
Auto Gain and Auto BPM detection
Auto gain and auto BPM detection both work in similar ways. Both are part of the overview builder process. If the auto bpm box is ticked, when the overview builder makes the overview, it will also calculate the BPM and write it into the BPM tag. If the auto gain box is ticked, the track gain setting which is stored per file will be changed.

If the overview is already built, the gain and auto BPM features are not used. Remember that you can force the rebuilding of overviews, and thus apply the auto gain and/or auto BPM by dragging tracks onto the build overviews button. We will not set the BPM value for a given track unless it is confident that the value is correct. If, after attempting to set the AutoBPM for a given track, no BPM value is entered, please enter the value manually using Tap Tempo.
Looping snaps to beats
When setting loops on the fly, the loop endpoints will snap slightly to the nearest beat, so you can create nice tight loops. Remember that you can still adjust the endpoints as you see fit with the arrow keys or with the control vinyl.
Improved CD player mode
We’ve made several changes to the way Scratch Live works with CD players. You will notice that responsiveness has improved all round – hot cues and looping on your CD player will be much tighter. Pressing play after pressing cue should also be significantly more responsive.
Editing multiple tags
If you select multiple tracks, and edit a tag, that edit will be applied to all the selected tracks.
Changing label color
Changing the label color is now done in the main library. Click on the label color - the 2nd column in the library - and the popup window window will appear.
A much better way of DJing with one turntable!
When using Instant Doubles with internal mode, the pitch will get transferred to the second deck as well as the playhead position. This makes it easier to DJ using a single deck. ( Start playing your song on the left deck with the turntable, then instant double over to the right deck, then fade to the right deck. The left deck is now ready for a new track.)
Support for the Numark iCDX as a USB controller
You can control Scratch Live version 1.7 with the Numark iCDX. The iCDX works as a USB controller, so that no audio connection is required between the iCDX and the hardware interface (SL 1, MP 4 or TTM 57SL). This also frees up an input pair on the Scratch Live hardware which could be used to record your set using the record panel.

To use the iCDX as a USB controller:
- Power on the iCDX, and connect it to your laptop via USB.
- Press the "SRC" button at the top right of the iCDX, and select USB-HID, then press down on the "parameters" knob to confirm.
- If Scratch Live is running, use the "parameters" knob on the iCDX to select which Virtual Deck in Scratch Live should be controlled by the iCDX, press down on the "parameters" knob to confirm.
- Put the corresponding Virtual Deck into internal mode.
The controls on the iCDX now control playback of the Virtual Deck in Scratch Live.
Misc changes
- Added "play next song on vinyl flip" option. When you flip the control vinyl with this option enabled the next track will be loaded, the same way as it would using the "Auto" function.
- iTunes playlists that aren't visible in iTunes no longer show up in Scratch Live
- Crates can now be dropped onto the prepare list
- Jumping to cue points or needle dropping while censoring now behaves in a more predictable way.
- There is now a delay of 1 sec on switching back to Rel after emergency internal, after the needle is dropped.
- Improved accuracy of the "estimate" button
- Fixed a bug so that moving backwards from the first track in a crate with autoplay on no longer causes the first track to be skipped.
Known issue - Mac SpecificOcassionally the Exposé keys may become disabled by OSX. This means that sometimes after running Scratch Live, the F10, F11 and F12 keys might not work, and you will have to manually reset them in the Keyboard & Mouse preference pane. It is recommended that you disable the Exposé keys beforehand if you intend to use the Key Lock keyboard shortcuts.

Version: Scratch Live 1.7.0
Size: 7.61 MB
Platform: Win