Scratch Live Release Notes

14 July, 2006

Scratch Live version 1.6.1

Version 1.6 added support for the TTM 57SL, and ships with the 57SL. This version is 1.6.1, and is the first of many 1.6 sub-releases - this release focuses mainly on bug fixes.
- Center on selected song option. With this option on, scrolling up and down in your library holds the selected track in the middle of the library panel.
- Optimizations for scrolling through library giving better performance when scrolling.
- Fixed bug where crash can occur when writing tags on fat32 filesystems (mac)
- Fixed bug where minimizing then maximizing the window on mac wouldn't produce the correct results if the dock is not set to autohide
- Fixed bug where if you drag a folder into scratch live, the songs are added with an incorrect trailing slash in their path - producing duplicate song entries in the database.
- Improved vinyl tracking algorithm (don't throw away those old control records!)
- Adjust loops with vinyl option in setup screen. If you turn this off, vinyl stays controlling playback: you can only adjust the loops with the keys (does not apply to the MP 4)
Changes specific to 57SL owners
- Added control label highlighting to grey out functions that are not available in the current mode, eg cue points in ABS mode.
- Added clear loop to the list of assignable functions
- Fixed bug where the 57 panel would sometimes return from the setup screen on J2 down release
- Changed 57 behavior to return to main 57 screen if you press group while on either setup screen
- Changed joysticks to go out of transform mode when on the TTM57 group select screen
- Fixed bug where songs won't play at all if you load a song to a deck without hardware connected then connect Scratch Live hardware
- Fixed clicking noise when using 57 cue points
- Prevented 57 looping from working when no song is loaded on the deck
- Added ability to mouse-click on the 57 group buttons to change groups
- Fixed audio popping when skipping with the 57 shuttle or clicking on the overview
- Prevented 57 shuttle shuttling before and after the song
- Fixed load track from the 57 not respecting the lock playing deck option
Changes specific to the MP 4
- Fixed problems with audio playback (this one will be very noticeable!)
- Fixed MP 4 fader start buttons not working
- Fixed temp cue in MP 4 mode not stopping playback

Version: Scratch Live 1.6.1
Size: 7.56 MB
Platform: Win