Serato DJ/DVS

We've taken Serato's world famous digital vinyl emulation from Scratch Live and placed it in Serato DJ. You can now use your turntables or CDJs with Serato Noisemap to control Serato DJ.

Take advantage of all the new features iZotope FX, big new Virtual Decks, extra Cue Points, Slip Mode and Sync. These new features, combined with all your favorite features from Scratch Live like Auto Loops, Loop Roll, and the SP-6 turn Serato DJ into the most powerful and professional DJ software from Serato to date.


Like all Serato DJ products, your existing Scratch Live library is compatible. Your crates and songs will be automatically read, and all the classic Scratch Live library functions are there like, iTunes library compatibility, prepare and history. Have a good stash of Serato Control Vinyl? Don't worry, that's compatible too!

Virtual Decks

Serato's famous Virtual Decks give you all the key track information. Easy to read BPM, time remaining/elapsed, track progress, pitch information and cue point indication are all clearly displayed on the Virtual Deck.

Cue Points

Serato DJ has 8 cuepoints, compared to the 5 found in Scratch Live. Set, trigger, name and move just like Scratch Live.

SP6 Player

We've cleaned up the SP-6 in Serato DJ. The SP-6 in Serato DJ has two views, an advanced mode designed for preparing, and a simplified mode with the minimum controls so you can focus on what is important.


Powered by iZotope

Scratch Live customers will notice the FX in Serato DJ are hugely improved, and powered by industry leaders iZotope. Choose Single mode to get in and tweak a range of parameters, or use Multi FX mode which allows simple control using one knob per effect and FX chaining.

Menus & Expansion packs

We've introduced themed FX Expansion Packs. We've started you off with the Wolf Pack while the others can be bought through the in-app store. To accomodate a larger list the drop down menus have been modified with a scrollable menu replacing the sub-categories. This means all your FX are viewable for a quicker selection. Or you can use Favorite FX to only see your selection.

Removing the sub-categories also slightly changes the names of some of the FX you will be accustomed to, Echo Out for instance is now Combo FadeEcho.

Techy audio-bending

Basic FXs

Analog & old-school

Trippy, spacey & ravey

Real Time with Slip mode

Use Slip Mode when scratching, using Cue Points and Loops or other performance features, then when you've finished the playhead jumps back to where it would have been, always on beat.

Sync is here...


Always a controversial subject, Sync is finally here for DVS DJs that want it. Hit Sync to get tracks in time quickly, allowing you to do other things instead of moving the pitch slider. Try it, you might like it!

If you want it.


If you don't, disable it and never see it again.

The same but different...

View Modes

Clearer View Mode selection dropdown


Improved Auto Loop length display &
Manual Loop area

Control Modes

Toggle between Control Modes quicker

Crates & Playlists

Updated graphics and colorway


Updated graphics and colorway

Panel Select

Track info

Track Output Level Meter

Master Output gain


Simplified library options

Virtual Deck Speed

Auto Gain detection
Beat Grids
with the Bridge
BPM detection
Cross Fader curve options
5 Nameable
2 units advanced FX
Chained / Macro modes
2 units
Single & Multi Modes
Izotope Powered
FX Expansion Packs
Instant Doubles
iTunes Support
Key Lock
Library Artwork
Live Playlists
Loop Half Double
Auto / Manual
Loop Roll
MIDI Mapping
Number of Decks
Hardware Dependent (up to 4)
Hardware Dependent (up to 4)
OSA device support
(Dicers etc)
Performance Views
Prepare Crate
6 Slots, 4 banks, 3 playback modes
6 Slots, 4 banks, 3 playback modes
Sample Player Sync
with Controllers
Hardware Dependent
Slip Mode
Smart Crates
The Bridge
Serato Remote
Serato Video
Vinyl ABS, REL, INT modes
with DVS hardware
Vinyl Control
with DVS hardware
Waveform Zoom
WL.MP3 playback
Pitch ‘N Time DJ