Rane Series Dynamics

The Rane Series Dynamics consists of 2 TDM plug-ins for the Digidesign Pro Tools HD or VENUE platforms: the Rane Series Compressor and the Rane Series Gate.

It combines the pristine sound quality and excellent features of Rane's top-of-the-line hardware, the C4 Compressor and G4 Gate, with the ease of a functional graphical user interface.

Rane Series Compressor

The Rane Series Compressor is a fully featured compressor/limiter that gives you the ability to create a wide range of effects from the smooth and subtle to the squashed and extreme. In compressor mode you can key from a fully adjustable parametric EQ on the side chain. Alternatively you can use dynamic EQ mode for de-essing or selectively compressing any frequency relative to the rest of your mix.

  • Complete Envelope control including adjustable knee compression
  • Dynamic EQ mode
  • True "relative threshold" for consistent results with changing input levels
  • Peak Limiter that allows you to tame transients while retaining dynamics
  • Full 24dB of make up gain for extreme compression

Rane Series Gate

A comprehensive Gate, Ducker and Expander, the Serato Rane Series Gate allows you to achieve impressive clarity and headroom from your mixes. Look-ahead delay and program-dependant pre-ramping provides you not only with click free gating but you'll never miss another transient. The Gate provides everything from subtle and transparent dynamic control to total on/off noise gating.

  • Gate and Ducker look-ahead with a pre-amp that lets through initial transients without clicking
  • High and Low-cut filters allow you to key over a precise frequency range
  • Attack, release and hold controls for accurate gate fine tuning
  • Expand mode for extending dynamics


  • Unique key level versus gain level reduction views
  • Advanced metering of all points in the dynamic chain in either dBFS or dBVU scales
  • External or internal key input for complex mixing applications
  • Easy crest factor identification with RMS and Peak level metering

System Requirements

These are simply the minimum requirements for the Rane Series Dynamics. For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you use a higher spec computer.

  Mac Windows
Operating system Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6 Windows XP
Windows Vista
Platform Pro Tools 7 HD and above or VENUE
The Serato Rane Series are not supported for Pro Tools 10.
Authorization iLok Key