Rane Series Dynamics

Rane Series Dynamics (Legacy)

Serato Rane Series Compressor Serato Rane Series Gate

The Rane Series Dynamics consists of 2 TDM plug-ins for the Digidesign Pro Tools HD or VENUE platforms: the Rane Series Compressor and the Rane Series Gate.

It combines the pristine sound quality and excellent features of Rane's top-of-the-line hardware, the C4 Compressor and G4 Gate, with the ease of a functional graphical user interface.

Rane Series Compressor

The Rane Series Compressor is a fully featured compressor/limiter that gives you the ability to create a wide range of effects from the smooth and subtle to the squashed and extreme. In compressor mode you can key from a fully adjustable parametric EQ on the side chain. Alternatively you can use dynamic EQ mode for de-essing or selectively compressing any frequency relative to the rest of your mix.

Rane Series Gate

A comprehensive Gate, Ducker and Expander, the Serato Rane Series Gate allows you to achieve impressive clarity and headroom from your mixes. Look-ahead delay and program-dependant pre-ramping provides you not only with click free gating but you'll never miss another transient. The Gate provides everything from subtle and transparent dynamic control to total on/off noise gating.

Download v1.2.2