Make it Rane

Rane is back with the Twelve and Seventy-Two

A first-of-its-kind, full 12" motorized MIDI Controller and a premium 2-channel mixer built for the professional club and scratch DJ.

Designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of pro DJs, whilst integrating the cutting-edge digital technology of Serato DJ Pro.

All feel no fuss

The feel of a real turntable without any of the fuss.
No needles, no vibrations, no feedback, no RCAs.

Real vinyl feel

A first-of-its-kind, 12" motorized hardware that uses real vinyl. Blending together the traditional feel of analog DJ turntables with an intuitive interface. The best of both worlds.

Hassle (and tonearm) free

Say goodbye to fragile, expensive needles, skipping or feeding back in bass-heavy gigs. Everything you love about old-school vinyl DJing without the hassle.

Multi-function touch strip

Get hands on with the multi-function touch strip for track searching and setting or triggering of hot cues within Serato DJ Pro. All from the surface of the Rane Twelve.

Cut with extreme precision

Scratch, beat-juggle, mix and cut it up with the extreme precision of 3600 ticks of platter resolution. The highest quality sound and seamless performance.

The Rane Twelve is an Official Serato Accessory and will work plug-and-play with the Rane Seventy-Two or other Serato DJ Pro supported hardware.


Strip search with 8 Hot-Cue-Triggers access 8/16/50% pitch with precise dual-resolution detented slider 4 decks of control so you can use one, two or more Extreme Precision - 3600 ticks of platter resolution Full 12" vinyl with motorized platter to control playback 33 1/3 and 45 RPM platter speeds Traditional, familiar turntable layout Top panel rotary and traditional motor off switch allows wind-down effects
Solid steel construction for heavy-duty use Auto-switching power for the world traveler 5.0 kfcm high-torque motor with high/low torque adjust for more tradtional setups MIDI interface via USB that can be connected to the SEVENTY-TWO or your computer

Mixing business with pleasure

Built like a tank - this machine means business. Agile and inspiring - simply a pleasure to play with. The ultimate mix experience with supreme sound quality. No distortion, no decay, no matter what.

4.3-inch color touchscreen

High-res display shows Serato DJ Pro's moving waveforms, cue points and track information. You can also navigate your library, crates, select and load tracks, as well as FX control and user customizations.

New MAG THREE fader

This unique touchless, tension adjustable crossfader and channel faders with reverse, contour controls, and cut-in adjustment will take your DJing to the next level.

Built Rane tough

This rugged, solid-steel, 2-channel mixer for Serato DJ Pro was designed in collaboration with top DJs from around the world. Guaranteed to stand up to the most demanding DJ sets.

Dual USB ports

DJ changeover can't get any easier or have two DJs battling it out with their own laptops, simultaneously via the Dual USB port connections.

The Rane Seventy-Two will unlock Serato DJ Pro for free when plugged into the software. You'll also get Serato DVS and the industry standard in time stretching and pitch shifting, Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ.


4.3-inch touchscreen to display Serato's waveforms and control your music library and FX Assignable channel selector Microphone inputs with duck and custom echo Dual FLEX FX engines, one for each channel, plus Serato FX integration Session in/out for battle teams 3 band isolator EQs plus high-pass/low-pass filter for each program SP-8 sampler level with FLEX FX and filter Dual die-cast aluminium FX paddles with 180-degree rotation RGB performance pads with independent mode controls per deck Solid steel construction for heavy duty use New MAG THREE contactless tension-adjustable faders
Second mic controls Deck swap to flip the full path of the channels Steel protective roll bars act as handles for quick transport Footswitch for more FX and MIDI control options
Dual USB ports for simple DJ change-over and TWELVE connect RCA phono and CD inputs for each deck, RCA session inputs/outputs Auto-switching power for the world traveler Balanced XLR, main out, balanced 1/4" booth out