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Dime - Defected x Point Blank Mix Competition: Dime

24 May 2016
House, Club House

VJSB - 5/23/16

23 May 2016
CHEW.TV, United States of America
Old School, Classics, Electronic, Synthpop, Dance, Top 40, Indie Dance, Club, Pop, Alternative, Indie, Alternative Dance, Progressive House, House, Electro House, Remixes

User 9325639 - 23.05.16

23 May 2016
Tech House, Techno, Club-house, Lounge & Ambient, Deep House, House, Vocal Tech House

MousE - Tropical-Deep-Night - 21.05.2016

21 May 2016
Tropical-Deep-Night, Wil, Switzerland
Deep House, Club Dance, House, Dance

Lutz Escher - Freitag Nacht 20.05.16

20 May 2016
Mashup, 80's Dance, Funk, House, Club, Synthpop

DJ Gordon Snyder - JP McCaskey Prom -5/21/2016

21 May 2016
JP McCaskey Prom 2k16, Lancaster 17603, PA, United States of America
Trap, Nj Club, Electronic, Dance, Rap, Twerk, Hip-Hop

Party Mix July 2014 - 2016-05-20

20 May 2016
Dance Club, Dj Tools, Dance Pop


17 May 2016
FLAMES RADIO, United Kingdom
Dancehall, Soca, Reggae, Jungle, Dance, Club, R&B, R&b & Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap

DJ Danny E - 5/20/16

20 May 2016
United States of America
Tech House, House, Deep House, Dance, Transition, Future House, Trap, Melbourne Bounce, Electro House, Twerk, Tropical House, Jersey Club, Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardstyle

MousE - VSZHAW Bad Taste Party - 20.05.2016

20 May 2016
Härterei, Zürich, Switzerland
Club, House, Dance

Kitcho - Tight N Brite 2016

06 May 2016
Pearl, Canada
Top 40, Mainstream Club, Hip-Hop, Trap

Nick Bike - SNL [14MAY16]

15 May 2016
Lucky Bar, Afghanistan
Dance, House, Electronic, Baltimore Club, Soul, Pop, R&B, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Rap, Dancehall, Funk, Disco

DJ Albatross - 5/13/16

13 May 2016
Public Bar DuPont, Washington, DC, United States of America
80s, 00s, Pop [rock], Club, House, Hip-Hop, Pop

Miles Elliot - Bartaco - 5/13/16

13 May 2016
West Hartford, CT, United States of America
House, Indie Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, 00's Pop, Funk Soul, Party Bangers, Hits, House Pop, Remixes, Latin House, Club Music, Funky, Party, Reggae, Latin, Top 40, Old School Rap, Electro, Reggaeton, Club, Urban

Ricardo Bertello - 13/05/2016

12 May 2016
Classic House, Club House, Club, House, Deep House


10 May 2016
FLAMES RADIO, United Kingdom
Dancehall, Dance Hall, Blues, Pop, Club, Dance, R&B, Top 100, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae

Chromatest - 4/29/2016

29 Apr 2016
UVicorn @ Fucking Flamingos, Saguaro Man, Arizona, United States of America
Techno, Club, Big Beat, House, Trance

Dj Ginza - 5/6/2016

05 May 2016
Weslochan Recordings Podcast Show, United States of America
Techno, Techhouse, Club

SimonTiger - 05/05/16

05 May 2016
Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance, Electronic, Electronica, Club, Dubstep, Simontiger

DJ MALLOY - 04/05/2016

04 May 2016
Inspiration FM, United Kingdom
House, Tech House, Deep House, Club, Progressive House

Trickie'D' - Back 2 The Beat

29 Mar 2016
G.U.I, United Kingdom
Dance & House, Dance, Electronic, House, Deep House, Bass, Club


02 May 2016
House, Dance, Club, Remix

5am - 29/04/2016

29 Apr 2016
Club-house, House, Remixes

5am - 30/04/2016

30 Apr 2016
House, Club-house, Remixes, Deep House

MousE - EG Erdgeschoss - Querbeet 30.04.2016

30 Apr 2016
EG, Wil, Switzerland
Classic House, Rnb, Dance, Hip-Hop, Pop Rock, Funk, Prime Music, Club Dance

DJ Kickback - 4/30/16

30 Apr 2016
District Bar, United States of America
Latin Dance, Reggaeton, Dance, Latin, Moombahton, Hip-Hop, Dance Club, Cumbia

George B (Hoboe) - Delicious Sounds Electronic Cloudcast Episode #016. The Club, The House; The Sweet Tracks.

26 Apr 2016
Pachuca 43997, Hidalgo, Mexico
House, Funky House, Club House

Miles Elliot - Black Bear - 4/22/16

22 Apr 2016
Black Bear, Hartford, CT, United States of America
Pop, Old School, Top 40, Hits, House, Electro, Party Bangers, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Party, Club, Party Break, Twerk, Trap

Miles Elliot - Agave - 4/25/16

25 Apr 2016
Agave, Hartford, CT, United States of America
House, Tech House, Reggae, Deep, Club Music, Latin, Funky, Latino, Latin Urban, Dancehall, Moombahton, Reggaeton, Twerk

PIRRACA - 21/04/2016

21 Apr 2016
House.Sweet.Home, IGRAPIUNA 45443000, BAHIA, Brazil
Dance, Club House, House, Electro, Rap, Latin, Bachata