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Pro Tips from Serato HQ

Last week I put it to the team to give me their best Scratch Live / Serato DJ tips or tricks. Here's what they came back with...

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4 May, 2013

VCI-380 Features With Serato DJ

Serato DJ and the VCI-380

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3 May, 2013

Optimize your graphics for Serato Video.

Read up on how to get the best performance from your graphics card for Serato Video.

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15 Apr, 2013

Photos: NS6 Performance Video With Serato DJ

Here's a sneaky inside look at our latest performance video shoot. Featuring New Zealand's own DJ CXL using Serato DJ with the Numark NS6 - The first ITCH controller to get Serato DJ support. Keep an eye out for the official release of the performance video.

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14 Mar, 2013

Auto Gain: What's all that about?

Did you ever wonder what on earth Auto Gain was or how to use it? Here's your answer!

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4 Mar, 2013

Mixtapes: Recording your DJ sets.

A short guide to recording your DJ sets with Serato software and supported hardware.

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25 Feb, 2013

Serato at NAMM 2013

News from Serato at NAMM 2013.

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24 Jan, 2013

Serato DJs with Serato DJ

Watch the crew from Serato give Serato DJ and the most recently upgradable Serato DJ Intro controllers a spin!

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12 Dec, 2012

12% off everything for 12 days: Serato Online Store

12% off everything on the Serato Online Store for the next 12 days. Software, Vinyl and Merchandise!

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11 Dec, 2012

Photos: Pioneer DDJ-SX tutorial/performance shoot

Some photos of the team shooting tutorials/performances with the Pioneer DDJ-SX.

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6 Dec, 2012

Serato DJ: Tutorial Videos

For all you first time Serato DJ users, we've made a few tutorial videos to help get you started.

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11 Nov, 2012