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Shash'U plays the Roland DJ-808

We enlisted Montreal producer Shash'U to put the Roland DJ-808 to the test. See why the DJ-808 is more than a DJ controller as he uses the built in TR-S, Sampler, PnT DJ, FX and more, adding a whole new level to his performance.

Remixing Radio NZ w/ the Roland DJ-808 Controller

Local musician, producer and DJ, Jeremy Toy, gives the all-new Roland DJ-808 his first spin - with a special challenge from Radio NZ to perform a live remix of the Morning Report theme.

Announcing Roland DJ-808

Serato and Roland announce the first DJ controller from Roland, the DJ-808. A professional 4-channel DJ controller with built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing, external instrument connectivity and deep Serato DJ integration, the DJ-808 redefines what it means to DJ.

Serato & Roland Announce Partnership

Serato announces a new partnership with Roland, a world leader in music hardware, to create something truly unique and that will redefine what it means to be a DJ. Learn more...