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Learn: DJ FX in Serato DJ

FX are the herbs and spices of the DJ world. Some people love them, some people overuse them, some people don't understand them and some people get scared... Here's an in-depth tutorial on the Serato DJ FX, powered by iZotope.

Pro Tip: FX in Serato DJ

The Serato DJ 1.6 Public Beta is in full swing and the official release is on the horizon. That means Scratch Live users are now making the move to Serato DJ and navigating the new interface, features and workflow. Here's a short guide on the Serato DJ FX, powered by iZotope.

Edit Favorite FX

Serato DJ 1.3 gives you the ability to customize and edit your Favorite FX list to give you quick and easy access to the FX that you use the most.