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Out now: Serato Studio 1.3.2 with Beat Grids

Serato Studio 1.3.2 brings forward Beatgrid editing - the handiest feature for prepping your audio files and manipulating them to suit your beat.

SoundSwitch: Set and forget!

SoundSwitch is a new product by fellow NZ company, Onesixnine, that allows you to sync custom lighting shows to your music in Serato DJ. Learn how to use the Autoloops feature, which lets you set up automatic lighting loops for when you play tracks that you've not pre-scripted. Set and forget!

Pro Tips: Beatgrids in Serato DJ

One difference you might notice if coming over from Scratch Live to Serato DJ are the little numbered grids on the waveform. These are Beatgrids! Powerful little things. Read more and find out how to use them.