DJ Eskei83 at Splash Festival using The Bridge

Splash Festival is the biggest hip hop/reggae festival in Germany. Our mate Eskei83 played there among some of the best, and did an incredible set using The Bridge.

Splash Festival
Splash Festival

Some of you on the Serato forum might know Eskei from around these ways, or maybe you've seen him at Musikmesse or maybe you saw a snippet of his amazing remix routine.

Eskei goes from Public Enemy to Kanye to Gangstarr to Michael Jackson to Adele to Boyz Noise and back in one of the most flawless Bridge sets we've seen. He was nice enough to upload his playlist AND his set for you to listen to here on Serato Playlists.

Here's a video of a bit of Eskei's set (thanks Nik and Karl!) so you can take a look at his setup, and check that crowd out. Killer set from a killer DJ.