Serato Artist Series Control Vinyl - R.I.P. Misery

So happy to announce the release of a new vinyl in the Serato Artist Series! This time around, the record features prominent New Zealand artist Misery.

Misery was the alter-ego of New Zealand born artist Tanja Jade, who breathed her uniquely dark influence into Tanja's art until her exorcism in October 2010.

Misery's characters were cheeky, whimsical, cute and always dark. Misery fused childlike wonder and the macabre together in a way that captivated fans worldwide.

Side A
Side A

However after 13 years together, Misery's overbearing dark influence led Tanja to stage a public exorcism, so she could feel free to pursue other artistic endeavors and send Misery back to Miseryland. An auction of remaining Misery works and farewell exhibition followed.

Side B
Side B

This collectable Serato Artist Series picture disc is one of Misery's final commissions, and commemorates 13 years of her exciting life.

This is a limited edition pressing in the Serato Artist Series, and has been specially engineered as a super lightweight picture disc. You can pre-order yours now from Stokyo.

Japanese pre-orders can be found here.

Comments (16)

JOONIE C 12:58 AM - 9 August, 2011
whrn is it ready for sale!!!!
Brigid 1:05 AM - 9 August, 2011
Pre-order link is at the bottom of the blog! Although, just in case you missed it, here it is again:
snob dee-jays 10:22 AM - 9 August, 2011
this is beautiful.
Shaun W 9:57 PM - 9 August, 2011
Therianthropes FTW!
TechD 10:06 AM - 15 August, 2011
Does anyone know how limited this is, how many are being produced?
Dashiel 12:54 AM - 17 August, 2011
TechD 9:37 AM - 17 August, 2011
Nice but I wana know how many are being or have been made for collectability/rarety of it?
Taiko 11:52 PM - 18 August, 2011
It's a pity these are not available through any UK retailers, it would cost a fortune after shipping and tax to buy a pair of these! It's so annoying you can't get Serato Pressings in the UK without paying double what everyone else has!
TechD 8:49 AM - 19 August, 2011
Thats true man, there is a set of A-trak nike presses on ebay atm @ £250 thought id mention as i cant afford them otherwise i would of kept it quiet ha ha!
2Seven 12:46 PM - 20 August, 2011
I feel both you on that...I dare to think how much I've spent getting all my pressings sent over!
Boutique Sound 11:58 PM - 5 September, 2011
its all in japanese, i can't understand a word on that site
TechD 10:06 PM - 14 September, 2011
It shouldnt be man, check out the link
jenius 7:59 PM - 7 November, 2011
DJ_Stupa 7:48 AM - 7 December, 2011
Does the order come with a pair or a single record?
pueblofunky 9:17 AM - 8 December, 2011
Does the order come with a pair or a single record?

I would need 3 records ;-)
TechD 10:22 PM - 8 December, 2011
Does the order come with a pair or a single record?

single man