Big Wiz's setup for The Bridge

Recently, I traveled to Austin for SXSW, where Big Wiz was working on the Rane booth in the Gear Alley. Wiz has been working with Rane and Serato since before I even worked for Serato (I started about 4 years ago) and has a lot of input into multiple products that Rane and Serato have released.

So I was pretty excited when I showed up at the Gear Alley, and saw his setup for The Bridge. He has figured out a way to route Scratch Live audio through Ableton's effects, using The Bridge at the same time, all on one USB port! Here's the demonstration he gave us at SXSW:

Big Wiz's setup for The Bridge (Serato/Ableton) from Serato Audio Research on Vimeo.

After I posted that video up on Vimeo, I promised a video from the show of Big Wiz demonstrating exactly how he did it. Unfortuantely, being a hard out festival, I ran out of time to film this! What a blues guy!

But, Big Wiz, being awesome, went home and filmed this setup video anyway, and here it is:

Smarter than your average Serato employee! Hopefully this will inspire people to try this out on their own mixer if it has Flex FX sends.

Big Wiz is part of a new group, Hail Mary Mallon, with Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic, with a new album coming out shortly on Rhymesayers! Check out the teaser video here.

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Trinicapone 2:41 AM - 18 April, 2011
Very clever my man! I wish I had an option to route my ableton output thru my aux without running the extra wires. I have a TTM 57. Rane need to make like an external box like the SL2 call it like an SLX so all us TTM 57 users can benefit from this without selling our gear to get a 68. Granted the work around. But still when recording in the bridge I would still like to edit what comes out in ableton instead of it being 1 track.
Code:E 3:15 AM - 18 April, 2011
Anyone know if i will be able todo this with SL4 and either a second sound card or useing the input on my laptop and a DJM800 or DJM 900 or A&H Xone:92.
Trinicapone 3:19 AM - 18 April, 2011
Yes you can from the same set-up DJ wiz have. The only thing is your send and return is in the efx dal whereas on the rane mixers its a button
Code:E 10:34 AM - 18 April, 2011
So i also should be able to on the the aux and returns no my Xone:92.... I dont own the pioneerès i just use them at club.
Trinicapone 11:08 AM - 18 April, 2011
I don't see why not Big Wiz set up is straight fwd as far as sound card goes but remember that the rane mixers in serato/ableton is the soundcard. So running ableton out to your aux should work
studio17 11:20 AM - 18 April, 2011
i think this will only work with the 68

i have a sl3, ttm56 & the bridge but im not able to set the audio output in ableton to "Serato Virtual Audio Device" like in the video - it shows not up in the dropdown menu ???
Trinicapone 11:30 AM - 18 April, 2011
This is a basic sound card in and out with the right cables it should work in any setup. The only thing you would have to do is route it properly in ableton
studio17 1:07 PM - 18 April, 2011
i think this will only work with the 68

i have a sl3, ttm56 & the bridge but im not able to set the audio output in ableton to "Serato Virtual Audio Device" like in the video - it shows not up in the dropdown menu ???
Brigid 8:21 PM - 18 April, 2011
Hey studio17,
You will be able to use the SL 3 as a soundcard if you have installed the beta Core Audio and ASIO drivers for it.

These can be found here:
Trinicapone 1:03 AM - 19 April, 2011
Hey Brigid is there a way to combine a TTM 57 with an SL3.....
Native soundcard where I can use it for the bridge where everything like ableton sp6 will all have their own output
nik39 1:44 AM - 20 April, 2011
ral 6:16 PM - 21 April, 2011
cool -

this will work with 57? how about live clip recording with the bridge?
Tom Stoffer 1:42 AM - 27 April, 2011
thats mean!
Mike Czech 9:50 PM - 28 April, 2011
I tried this with my 57. but with only 2 possible Ableton outputs in Scratch Live it doesn't really work the same. I can make another audio connection from the Ableton output into the FlexFX return on the 57 but then all Ableton audio will need to be routed back through that and I won't be able to isolate the effects like Wiz did with the acapella. Is there a different way to route the signals in the 57 to make a similar set-up to the 68 in the video??
Dj Ollie 1:55 AM - 8 February, 2012
I did this and works great, just wanted to know how you would monitor ableton (through headphones)?