Big Wiz's setup for The Bridge

Recently, I traveled to Austin for SXSW, where Big Wiz was working on the Rane booth in the Gear Alley. Wiz has been working with Rane and Serato since before I even worked for Serato (I started about 4 years ago) and has a lot of input into multiple products that Rane and Serato have released.

So I was pretty excited when I showed up at the Gear Alley, and saw his setup for The Bridge. He has figured out a way to route Scratch Live audio through Ableton's effects, using The Bridge at the same time, all on one USB port! Here's the demonstration he gave us at SXSW:

Big Wiz's setup for The Bridge (Serato/Ableton) from Serato Audio Research on Vimeo.

After I posted that video up on Vimeo, I promised a video from the show of Big Wiz demonstrating exactly how he did it. Unfortuantely, being a hard out festival, I ran out of time to film this! What a blues guy!

But, Big Wiz, being awesome, went home and filmed this setup video anyway, and here it is:

Smarter than your average Serato employee! Hopefully this will inspire people to try this out on their own mixer if it has Flex FX sends.

Big Wiz is part of a new group, Hail Mary Mallon, with Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic, with a new album coming out shortly on Rhymesayers! Check out the teaser video here.