BPM Show - Day 1

Posted on 3 October, 2010

The team have arrived and survived the first day at BPM Show. Congratulations to Rane for picking up the DJMag Tech Award for Ultimate Club DJ Mixer with the Sixty-Eight! Great work team! Public demos have been going on all day Saturday. If you're keen to catch up with the crew head over to Stand A24!

Photos from Saturday below, check out the full set on our Facebook page.



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DJDeluchi 1:59 PM - 3 October, 2010
the first day was great especially the demo room and tech mates course and exam
nik39 11:49 PM - 5 October, 2010
DAmned... I wish I could have made it to the tech mate course and exam :-/
MrTM2 2:14 AM - 7 October, 2010
He is video mixing The Spongebob Movie. WIN.
DJDeluchi 2:27 AM - 7 October, 2010
DAmned... I wish I could have made it to the tech mate course and exam :-/

not for everyone but i enjoyed the course and lernt a few bit i didnt know the serato team were awsome
DJ Jumbo 2:45 PM - 2 November, 2010
Wow, I wish I was there looked very education and fun, what technology has done to the world of DJing.
Dj Ace 6:01 AM - 8 December, 2010
hopefully they i can take the exam at namm 2011!
dj saidi 8:12 PM - 12 January, 2011
i agree and thanks