Serato Celebration of Curation mix on Mixcloud - August 16th

As Mixcloud approach their first birthday they are showcasing some of the biggest editorial voices around, who they have been proud and honoured to have worked alongside in the last 12 months. Everyday throughout August an exclusive Cloudcast from their pick of the best curators will be available to listen to exclusively on Mixcloud. 

When Mixcloud asked us to be a part of the Celebration of Curation campaign, we were stoked! Everyone in the company put a song into a folder, which one person then made into a mix. There's everything from punk, to house, to drum'n'bass, to ska.

Not an easy task by any means.

Add lots of airhorns and loop rolls, and voila! Once you listen to it, you'll have a fairly good idea of what the developers/support team/test team/managers/marketing people at Serato listen to while we make DJ software and audio plugins.

To check out the full line up of the Celebration of Curation campaign and more info, click here.

Watch the frontpage of Monday, August 16th to see our name in lights on the frontpage! And yeah, listen to our mix oi!