DJ AM remembered. The world has lost a true master.

I just re-read the first email AM ever sent me and I really can't believe that we won't see him again. Of all the DJs that we have the great fortune to work with, AM stands out a mile.

DJ AM at Serato X 10 year anniversary party, June 6 2008
DJ AM at Serato X 10 year anniversary party, June 6 2008

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MK 1 12:00 AM - 1 September, 2009

DJ Prinvale` 1:30 AM - 1 September, 2009
BeatsNomadic 3:38 AM - 1 September, 2009
fu3kasl 3:52 AM - 1 September, 2009
R.I.Beats. Prayers & Condolenses Go Out To All Family, Friends And Fans!
Eloy Garcia 4:44 AM - 1 September, 2009
DJ Rookie 7:29 AM - 1 September, 2009
one of the best ever R.I.P.
nik39 7:09 PM - 1 September, 2009

For a man with such talent, who had achieved so much, he was incredibly humble.

So true!
eric rosario 11:25 PM - 1 September, 2009
He was one of the best....We are losing the best to drugs. What a shame
mayman 12:21 AM - 2 September, 2009
Adam was a great musician, a very kind spirit,and a heartwarming man. I will miss him and am so saddened by his passing. This world now has a hole in it where DJ AM used to be. I wish we would have had more time.
Rest in Peace
Mike May
DJ-NEO 9:03 AM - 2 September, 2009
BeatMaica 6:14 PM - 2 September, 2009
R.I.P - he truly was a pioneer, and will be missed.
dj.snoop 6:45 PM - 2 September, 2009
May he rest in peace.
eric ling 3:54 AM - 3 September, 2009
Met Adam in 2004 ...i was resident at Lucid ( Toronto ) and he was flying in from L.A - this is before he Blew up and started dating Nicole Richie... he was super humble and super talented.. i remember his first record he played that night ' The Cure's "' Close to you " - He absolutely destroyed the club that night and i was scared to close out the night as he had everybody bouncing off the walls.. Man .. he was the real deal...a true party dj- who rocked everything form Guns and Roses , Daft Punk , Oasis to Aerosmith and his mixing was unreal.. OH - this was before we were rocking vinyl.. So much talent... i miss his " Rock With You " Michael Jackson mix that he would ride into the acapella.. Unreal ! A true pioneer.. i hope you found peace Adam..You will be missed .
Serato, Support
ChrisD 11:57 PM - 3 September, 2009
A few people have mentioned how humble Adam was and, from my brief experience, that was exactly what I found too.

I met him when he was in New Zealand for Serato X last year. He was friendly, enthusiastic and very down to earth. He also blew me away with his DJ skills.

Adams death is a tragedy and he'll be sorely missed.
dj hollywood 12:47 AM - 4 September, 2009
Brigid 5:13 AM - 4 September, 2009
Well written Sam and Chris. RIP Adam.
DJ Wonder 1 4:41 PM - 6 September, 2009
Dj AM was the truth, and a well respected Dj. I never had a chance to see him live, but from the videos I've seen on youtube, he played evreything. He kept us a DJs on our toes. You'll be truely missed. REST In Peace DJ A.M
RuxtA 7:48 AM - 7 September, 2009
DJ ALGOODIE 3:54 AM - 9 September, 2009
Got my name put on the door at the Serato X party here in Auckland (Thanks Onny from 420), and was buzzing at the chance to see AM live. It was unreal how this guy could blend anything and make it sound good. Was'nt going to miss this show for the world so I stood against the wall with my hand up in the air from the start of his set to the very end, in fact its in the air right now! R.I.P DJ AM thank you!
Dee-Jay Real 3:56 AM - 11 September, 2009
RIP ,Regards to his family & Loved ones, I felt like I knew him,I wish got the chance to him.
Dee-Jay Real 3:58 AM - 11 September, 2009
RIP ,Regards to his family & Loved ones, I felt like I knew him,I wish i got the chance to meet him.

YARSTARCAR 11:35 AM - 14 September, 2009
Dj Gatto 9:10 AM - 15 September, 2009
D.J. STAN THE MAN 12:52 AM - 16 September, 2009
R.I.P. May he rest in peace.
djjsped 11:21 PM - 19 September, 2009
Play it one more time A.M. .........
djjsped 11:24 PM - 19 September, 2009
I'm gonna miss checking you out in the clubs here at home in L.A. "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Yah!, I Was Sitting Their Bored to death and in just one breath he said you got to get up you got to get up you got to get down boy!"
DJ Needlez 9:32 PM - 20 September, 2009
R3K Dirty Rican 6:55 PM - 26 February, 2010
I remember meeting him the first time @Love NYC 2007 for Mark Ronson's Birthday party. He was blown away with the sound system and talking to me about having a party there. Really chill guy.. Such a shame.. RIP
Dee-Jay Real 3:07 AM - 8 March, 2010
May his soul rest in perfect peace!!! Amen.
Jest01 8:10 PM - 5 April, 2011
As a DJ we strive on creativity. AM was that. R.I.P.
Dj Farhan 11:45 PM - 5 April, 2011
Dj B-Ro_D' 9:26 PM - 14 June, 2011
you will be misses DJ AM
Nicky Blunt 9:24 AM - 1 August, 2011
Was recently going thru my old PM's and found a conversation I had with Adam. I never really knew him just spoke to him here on the board a few times. He always seemed humble & willing to help.

We all know his skills on the tables were epic.

He will be sorely missed by both people who knew him well, & people who only knew him thru either his TV show or his DJ skills.

R.I.P. A True Master.
Boutique Sound 8:20 PM - 4 September, 2011
Dj Trivial 4:03 AM - 13 September, 2011
R.I.P. adam one of the best and always will be
Ale17 6:57 AM - 29 September, 2011
i miss u /: