Whitelabel.net Profile - Phantogram

One of the most interesting releases on Whitelabel.net in recent times comes from BBE Records and Phantogram, a two piece band from New York.

Read on for more info and links to Whitelabel.net downloads.

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nik39 10:47 AM - 14 July, 2009
Dang.. I expected to be able to download a video for this track from whitelabel.net. :-/

Whitelabel offering videos for Video-SL - that'd be raaaaad. :)
nik39 10:47 AM - 14 July, 2009
Oh... and nice track :)
Kool DJ Sheak One 11:05 PM - 14 July, 2009
I'm sure that thought might have crossed their mind nik. :)
Cool video, I missed this track too, thanks!
nik39 12:36 AM - 15 July, 2009
I'm sure that thought might have crossed their mind

Yeah... I mean - it's obvious ;) But, what I wanted to say is... I thought *this* was the beginning of WL offering videos :)
Brigid 5:41 AM - 15 July, 2009
We're working on it, Nik! I like this video too - I like the blurb that came with it even better, describing how it was all about this freak with a pig nose, dressed all in pink, carrying a bottle of swine flu looking angry and wanting to raise hell.
phonozone 11:16 PM - 21 July, 2009
i like this!
DJ SUPERFOX 12:37 PM - 31 July, 2009
nyceeker 9:27 PM - 1 September, 2009