Great mix made with Video-SL

Long time beta tester Jordan Laws sent me this video mix he had put together (rather well if you ask me) using Video-SL. This video really shows how you can benefit from doing some pre-production on custom visuals.

I can imagine if I were to see this at a gig, it would distract me from dancing and I'd stand there staring at the screen, kind of half waving my arm, hypnotized by the visuals. Way to go Jordan. Check out the video:

You can also check the video out in high quality on his website here.

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SiRocket 4:13 PM - 10 June, 2009
jordan did a great job with it.. and he knows how to have record control and scratch... 12min mark area is a good example. unlike alot of vj's i know who can't scratch....

Thanks to you guys and gals for putting together some way to do videos while keeping the turntable as the controller!!!
DJ Dub Cowboy 8:50 PM - 10 June, 2009
this video is NUTZ!

victor_M 11:00 PM - 10 June, 2009
Good sh*t Laws. Keep it up.
cguerrero72 12:22 AM - 11 June, 2009
I could not move from my seat for the entire time this was playing. It was beyond dope! im just gunna have try this for myself now.
Nick M 2:12 AM - 11 June, 2009
This is crazy!
Kool DJ Sheak One 4:34 AM - 11 June, 2009
Dope stuff Jordan.
Some nice concepts throughout
Santiago Páramo 5:18 AM - 11 June, 2009
Holy sh^$&!!!
This is amazing!!!!!!
Such a great job!!!! uffffffff!!!!!!!!!
Great inspiration!!!!! Thanks!!!
Dj_Kirby 5:57 AM - 11 June, 2009
keep up the good work lot of time effort paid off.
DJ SAVEGE 9:52 PM - 11 June, 2009
Jackie Treehorn 12:23 PM - 12 June, 2009
This gentleman is clearly very Talented!!!!

Jackie Treehorn
djmenace 4:20 AM - 13 June, 2009
this a good mix big props.
djwilliewill1 5:27 PM - 13 June, 2009
DJPyro 9:02 PM - 13 June, 2009
I'd love to see/hear this in a club! Great mix of visuals, video, audio, and clips. Love the pnut butter clip fade to green light. Paris v Kim? Awesome.... On a five diamond scale, I would give this six diamonds. Hope it looks this great every mix.
djsunone 6:11 PM - 14 June, 2009
that was fucking.....AWWWWEEESSOOME!
csamuels 6:19 AM - 15 June, 2009
Fucking Amazing!!!! The layers and music editing .....combined with the knowledge of heady flicks = master piece in my!!!
Chris and antonio
Dj Ace 5:48 AM - 16 June, 2009
yup that was off the chain...
acteevo 5:51 PM - 18 June, 2009

YO, Madd Madd props .. very entertaining .. which, in the end, is the entire point of VJing right?

Redi2roc 7:27 AM - 19 June, 2009
Loveing It JL! Endless talent for sure!
supergeek 5:29 PM - 22 June, 2009
Dont get too excited the jist of this video was done in pre production. Most of the effects and beat oriented tricks were done to the videos before. Nonetheless, the mix is flawless and definitely entertaining. As a Tech i work with a lot of DJs trying to pull this off live and have a hard time. Good job
DJSCOMP 2:54 AM - 23 June, 2009
Watched it twice! I don't care how you did's awesome!
Brigid 5:04 AM - 23 June, 2009
Watched it twice! I don't care how you did's awesome!

Pennapa 9:30 AM - 24 June, 2009
Wow!! really cool

Dj Wunder 11:14 PM - 24 June, 2009
The bar has been set. Time to practice...
DJ-JS3 9:10 PM - 28 June, 2009
BOW DOWN!!! I watched this video twice and I must say that Jordan did a fantastically, flawless, imaginative video mix that flows right off the top. Preproduction or not, you raise the bar high for alot of DJs.
Billy18bm 3:45 AM - 29 June, 2009
DJ Brian 6:02 PM - 29 June, 2009
This was amazing!!! Big Propz
MGness 1:16 AM - 1 July, 2009
great job.... got all my r.e.s.p.e.c.t.
nik39 1:34 PM - 4 July, 2009
Ouch. I really don't want to know how muuuuuuuuuch work you have put into this. Wow!
NickNy 8:39 PM - 4 July, 2009
Jeezus. Amazing work
krystal 10:13 AM - 5 July, 2009
deadly mix
djlazyboy 8:36 PM - 5 July, 2009
I think I just pooped my pants... Hold on...

Yes I did.

Great shit man! Great shit!
DJ Justin James 10:30 AM - 6 July, 2009
Thoroughly impressed, will def be trying to link when I'm in NY.
djcosmodee 8:03 PM - 7 July, 2009
i think i jus had a seizure
djrukiss 1:41 AM - 9 July, 2009
I was glued to my seat the entire time, amazing video. Regardless of how hard it was to do you did it flawlessly! f*Ckin outstanding!!!!!!!!!!
Dj Wunder 4:37 AM - 10 July, 2009
Anybody know where you can order that glowing logo he has on his headphones with his name and everything?
ezrock 11:37 PM - 10 July, 2009
very nice job dud
Dj Maj 6:24 PM - 13 July, 2009
digin the video damn good job
Ovastanda 12:04 AM - 16 July, 2009
AT^ 5:40 AM - 21 July, 2009
That was amazing.. Great work!
DJ Tone (ATL's Own) 4:05 PM - 22 July, 2009
chrisrain 4:33 AM - 23 July, 2009
mennn!! mad props to Jason he did a great job on the mix
DJTwoHeavy 4:43 AM - 23 July, 2009
Absolutely amazing mix!!!!!!!!
Dj Quest kc#1 3:56 PM - 24 July, 2009
Can't deny it. Cat got skills.
Dj Marcel 11:44 PM - 3 August, 2009
dont have words to describe how amazing that vid was... awesome job. thanks
Dj Ronan Tárrega 3:19 AM - 5 August, 2009
dont have words to describe how amazing that vid was... awesome job. thanks

Same opinion.
Man, that's a top notch video.
Just got my ttm57Sl...will took years for me to do something as good as this, but hey, I don't give a Damn. This boy LAWS is representing.
Cheers from Brazil, mate. 9 thumbs up haha!
Dj Ronan Tárrega 3:20 AM - 5 August, 2009
By tha way, that's why I love djs.

Can you feel it?
Dj Ruckspin 7:55 PM - 15 August, 2009
I watched this like 10 times and I still am amazed!!! you can download it to your ipod here
[R] 8:13 PM - 20 August, 2009
Dope Shit man!!!
dj furius 6:43 PM - 24 September, 2009
my question... how did he do that, it's insaneee.
My eyes were glued to the screen every second the video was playing, then for about 5 min after trying to figure out what i had just seen.

Great work, and true talent right there
dj boog 7:17 AM - 2 May, 2010
where can i get video to dj with
Dj Ace 4:12 PM - 2 May, 2010
search the forum next time (ok)
Dj pipebboy 2:10 PM - 2 June, 2010
I have purchased several videos and come in a format that does not recognize ttm57sl if I get to make you lose the quality of the videos, then do not do, where I can download videos with excellent quality or else where can i buy the videos that are formatted to recognize the ttm57 sl. Who can help me?? thanks...
ChrisD 1:55 AM - 3 June, 2010
Hi Dj pipebboy.

Please create a Help Request on so that the Rane and Serato support teams can help you with your issue.

You can create a Help Request here:
B2_the_Noodle_boy 7:03 AM - 30 June, 2010
This is amazing my friend! Great works!
Raynardwells 12:12 AM - 25 August, 2010
Great job I love it. now I want to do it lol.....
Dj F's 11:54 AM - 10 November, 2010
this is amazing!! great job!!