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9 April, 2009

The Rane SL 3 is released!

So, I'm a week late. Sue me, it's been pretty busy around here since the announcement. Insert celebratory cake here:

Whoop whoop!
Whoop whoop!

Read on for more details about the new hardware.

Comments (5)

BERTO 5:13 PM - 9 April, 2009
is the cake chocolate inside noone likes yellow cake, congrats on the release im sure everyone busted their ass to bring this to us.
ThAt DiGitAL kiD 10:01 PM - 9 April, 2009 guys gonna offer any kind of upgrade for existing serato SL1 users?
djphilly 3:33 AM - 10 April, 2009
they are not offering an upgrade but i will. if you send me your SL1 i'll give you $100 off your SL3 purchase :) lol
BERTO 5:30 PM - 12 April, 2009
y would they offer anything its like if you bought a pair of jordans and a new style of jordans came out. or a cellphone if your not due for an upgrade , ur paying full retail,
DJ GOOK 1:27 PM - 6 May, 2009
ill be picking that up


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