Tis the season... thanks Vestax

...for custom controllers! Check out this rad custom VCI-300 that Pene was gifted from the awesome team at Vestax.

The gifting
The gifting
Pene and her new toy
Pene and her new toy

Jealous much? If you aren't, I definitely am...

Comments (7)

nik39 12:16 PM - 29 December, 2008
We need some matching control vinyls ;)
Brigid 9:41 PM - 29 December, 2008
The purple kind of goes with it.
DeezNotes 7:25 AM - 3 January, 2009
<== hating!
Jeff D 12:49 AM - 6 January, 2009
I think i saw this on E Bay yesterday....j/k!
papercutmedia 3:27 AM - 27 March, 2009
What's up with that guys hair?
Jhey 5:09 PM - 11 September, 2010
Question: I wonder if...
This VCI-300 works with scratch Live Sl1.
Please a respond in my email
StephanieMc 3:51 PM - 13 January, 2018
God bless the Vestax team! Had a lot of fun with those guys! dailywordanswers.com