Screen Recording for #SeratoStudio

We want you to be in to win

...and we don’t want an incorrect upload to be the thing that stops you.

One of our favorite things is seeing all the incredible entries to #SeratoStudio each month. It’s the most rewarding feeling seeing the software we create being used in such innovative ways to create fresh and unique-sounding music. 

We wanted to give you a rundown on how we like these entries to be submitted on Instagram, as we’ve run into issues where amazing entries have been unusable due to poor upload quality in the audio and/or video, or incorrect formatting. 

Here’s a step-by-step run down on how to correctly upload your entries to Instagram, so we can repost them and show our followers the fire you’ve been cooking up. 

  1. Create your beat - you’ve got that covered. 

    Depending on what operating you run, go to the Mac or Windows section


  • Download LoopBack for free :

  • Unzip it and open the application

  • By default you will see ‘Pass-Thru’ as the source, and ‘Channels 1 & 2’ as the output. All you need to do is click the dropdown arrow under ‘monitors’ and add either your built in internal speakers (if that’s what you are using to listen to audio) or a sound card if that’s what you are using 

  • Close LoopBack application. This doesn’t need to be open

  • In Serato Studio, whenever you want to record your screen and audio just ensure that Studio’s audio output is set to ‘LoopBack’

  • Open Quicktime, and ‘start screen recording’ in the ‘File’ menu 

  • Select ‘Loopback’ as the audio input device in the screen recording dropdown

  • Start recording! When you’re done save the video to your desktop

You should have a screen recording of Studio including the audio. When you’re finished just change Studio’s output back to built-in or your sound card. When you want to record your screen again just repeat steps 4-8.


  • Go the Apowersoft website:

  • Under the Product & Solution tab, download the ‘ApowerREC’ which is under the Utility heading

  • Once you have downloaded ApowerREC, open the program and select the appropriate sound device that you wish to record from - if you’re using a sound card, then select that, if not select the internal audio device option

  • From there, record your beat in Serato Studio and save it as an .mp4 file 

  1. Screen record your beat within the software, showing the graphic user interface (GUI) to make a video you can upload 

  2. Upload the video to Instagram feed - make sure you don’t have your account on private, otherwise we won’t be able to see it 

  3. Include the appropriate competition hashtag - #SeratoStudio. That’s it! At that point you’re in the mix to win a sweet prize with us. To check, your post should look like the post below