Serato DJ Pro 2.1.2 is available now

Turntablists, you’re going to like this one.

Serato DJ Pro 2.1.2 brings support for the Numark Scratch and Reloop ELITE. Two mixers built for turntablists, unlocking Serato DJ Pro and DVS.

Download Serato DJ Pro 2.1.2 now or continue to read on for more information.

Numark Scratch

Channeling the scratch heritage of Numark along with combining performance driven features, the Numark Scratch delivers a high quality option at a price point unique to its capability. Designed for the scratch DJ it unlocks Serato DJ Pro and DVS, the InnoFader lets you perform cuts to the tightest parameters and the 8 performance pads let you get creative across 3 performance modes.

Watch DJ Ferno showcase the compatibility and versatility of the Numark Scratch, talking through key features including FX, cue points, sampler, loop roll and more.

Reloop ELITE

Unlocking Serato DJ Pro and DVS, the Reloop ELITE is a high performance 2-channel mixer stacked full of features. 

You can get creative with the 16 extra-large velocity sensitive RGB pads controlling up to 12 performance modes per deck in Serato DJ Pro. 3x Mini InnoFader Pro give turntablists precise cuts with non-contact technology.

Also included is the dual USB port feature, this makes the transition between DJs as smooth as possible by allowing two computers to be connected at the same time, this feature can also be used for going back-to-back.

Watch DJ Angelo throw down on the Reloop ELITE and a pair of RP-8000 MK2s. Showcasing the extra-large RGB pads along with the Mini Innofader Pro this performance is a true insight into the creative possibilities you can unlock with the Reloop ELITE.