New Account Management Tools

We want to give you a heads-up that from the first week of June there will be some changes coming to your Serato profile and the way you can manage your account via

We're developing new and improved ways for you to:

  • Managing all your Serato products
  • View bill history
  • Update payment methods
  • Deactivate your products remotely

Managing your Serato products

Upgrade and expand the Serato products you use, all within your account. 

View and manage your bill history

Managing your Serato payments has never been easier. View previous billing dates and invoices in the new subscription and payments section.

Manage your payment methods

View what payment methods are linked to your Serato account. This will enable you to add and remove payment methods all within your Serato account.

Deactivate your products remotely

Without opening the software, remotely manage devices your Serato products are active on. This is especially useful if you have misplaced or had devices stolen.

Please note Serato Sample will still require deactivation from the inside the software.

Your public profile is being retired

For now, your public profile will no longer be visible so please prepare for this if you are using it, however your playlists will still be online.

Have your say and be into win

Give us your feedback on what you'd like to see in a future Serato profile.

You could be into win a Serato DJ Suite license worth USD 299.