RANE SEVENTY-TWO firmware update

Serato DJ Pro 2.1 is out now and available for download. This update adds support for the newly released RANE SEVENTY-TWO version 1.3 firmware, bringing a host of new features, improvements and fixes. One of the most exciting additions for SEVENTY-TWO users is support for Post-Fader FX in Serato. Read the full changelog below.

New/Updated Features:

  • Added support for Serato Post-Fader FX

  • Improved pad response time and overall performance

  • Track end warning now displayed on waveform screen

  • Improved screen readout stability

  • Quick Auto-Loop triggers have been added to FX Encoder control while in waveform view

  • Add 3/4 time parameter to ECHO FX

  • Added Cue names to heads-up display

  • Improved settings menu workflow

  • Improved BPM alignment between SEVENTY-TWO and Serato

  • Added Fader calibration reset in RANE control application

  • Arrows at bottom of FX screen can now be used as Tap Tempo

  • Cue names show up on heads up display

  • Sampler names show up on heads up display

  • Added beat jump controls to RANE SEVENTY-TWO screen

  • Display now shows various sync states

  • SHIFT + BROWSE - adds song to prepare area

  • SHIFT + BACK - opens prepare area

  • SHIFT + Fader - Fader start

  • Various bug fixes

  • Reverse has also been added for the RANE TWELVE (by pressing Cue Mode + Play/Pause)

Make sure you download both Serato DJ Pro 2.1 and the latest 1.3 firmware to take full advantage of your mixer