New Hardware Support - Announcing the Hercules DJControl Starlight

The newly released Serato DJ Pro 2.0.5 and Serato DJ Lite 1.0.5 brings new hardware support in the Hercules DJControl Starlight. The Starlight unlocks Serato DJ Lite out of the box and can be upgraded to be used with Serato DJ Pro with a license or subscription.

The Starlight is a compact DJ controller, perfect for mixing on the go wherever you are, or you can have it in your bag as a trusted backup.

Don’t let its size fool you however, it packs a large punch. It includes two touch sensitive jog wheels, four performance pads per deck which control four different Serato DJ pad modes - Hot Cue, Loop, FX and Sampler, and a bass EQ knob that can be toggled to be a filter.

The Starlight also comes with a clear and powerful RGB backlight that is sound-reactive and has a unique strobe effect. It has a number of lighting modes which are covered at the bottom of this page.

You can download Serato DJ Lite here.

Download Serato DJ Lite 1.0.5

More information on the Hercules DJControl Lighting modes:

Two exclusive modes for a better understanding of the 4-beat bar and count the beats in a song:

  • Beat 1 Program: the LEDs light up red with the first beat of the main track and blue with the following beats, turning off between each beat. 
  • Beat 2 Program: the LEDs light up in red with the first beat of the main song and blue with the following beats, without turning off. 

A volume-synced mode:

  • Master Volume Program: the LEDs light up in white (strobe effect) and their intensity varies with the volume. 

Two modes to cue and navigate within the tracks:

  • Waveform Color Program: Two LEDs per turntable mimic the waveform colors of the respective tracks. 
  • Cue point Color Program: Two LEDs per turntable light up gradually depending on the color of the upcoming Cue Point.

Comments (5)

Dj Tannie Swiss 9:50 AM - 2 November, 2018
This is some next level Stuff
Ann Fults 7:42 AM - 23 November, 2018
JenniferT 7:21 AM - 1 February, 2019
Johnny on the spot 11:19 AM - 5 February, 2019
But can these annoying LEDs be turned off?
TheProfessa 2:52 PM - 20 March, 2019
yes, they can be (but I like them). Just go to the setup, Mixer Tab:

In the upper-right, there is a dropdown that lets you control the lighting. You may have to update the driver from Hercules to have access.