How I Use Serato DJ Pro - Setting Cue Points W/Jordan

We take cue points for granted these days but it wasn't always this easy to simply load your song to the first cue point in under a second. The intuitive layout and available options make Serato DJ Pro a very attractive option to use over other options when it comes to using cues.

Read below as I walk you through how I personally make the most of using cue points in Serato DJ Pro.

On The Downbeat

By far the most common use for a cue point. Setting the first cue slot to the first beat of the song. This allows you to quickly jump straight to the point where you'll drop the track.

Ensure to turn on 'Load From First Cue Point' in the SETUP menu for maximum efficiency.

Alternative Intros

You may have a secondary way of bringing in the song, it could be a vocal introduction you want to incorporate or maybe it's a drum roll you want to scratch in before the beat drops.

Where The Vocals Come In

Setting a cue point on when the vocals come in(verse or chorus)serves 2 purposes. Firstly, you may want to skip the intro to drop the track without mixing it in. Secondly, it can serve as a handy visual cue to assist with knowing when to fade out of the previous playing track's vocals to avoid clashing.

Mix Out Points

Not so much used for triggering but for giving you a visual reference. Set these cue points throughout your song on your favoured spots to mix out of. In addition to using the coloured marker for a visual aid, you can use the cue point's time stamp to notify you of the time remaining before mixing.

You can also change each cue points colour, if you wish to arrange by a colour-code.