The Youngest IDA Champ Ever - DJ K-Swizz

Don't let the age fool you, 14-year-old DJ K-Swizz is not only among the best battle DJs in the world but has now been crowned the IDA Technical World Champion.

Since emerging on the battle scene from the age of 10 K-Swizz has been exponentially leveling up each year, after being awarded 2nd place in the NZ DMC and gaining entry to A-trak's Goldie Awards it was only a matter of time until the boy was showing up to school with a #1 in the world trophy.

Watch his set below which made him this year's IDA World Technical Champion.

Comments (3)

EvolutionaryFault 4:48 PM - 24 December, 2017
That’s just noise...

All for technicality, but maybe mix in a melody? Anyone remember skratch bastid’s Imperial March?
SPearce79 11:21 PM - 26 December, 2017
What a little legend!! Scratching and the art of turntablism has come leaps and bounds in the 25 years I’ve been Dj,ing! More and more I see kids as young as K-Swizz pulling off technical sets like this. It’s funny how growing up on records and Dj’ing with vinyl how much of a purist I once was. But I have come to embrace the modern dj movement that Serato has really been a pioneer in creating and love every minute of it. I really love my Dj-808 and being able to do all the things I dreamed of doing when I was first starting out, like remixing in the fly and adding live elements to a set! Shit just keeps getting better!!
First Mix 1:33 AM - 1 February, 2018
I enjoy watching and learning about the all dj's its a good thing.