Denon DJ Prime Series in Serato DJ

Denon DJ introduces us to the new standard in club & festival setups with the Prime Series. The Prime Series consists of the powerful 4-channel X1800 mixer and the hugely flexible SC5000. Both are now supported with Serato DJ 1.9.10!

Denon DJ X1800 Prime

'The very centerpiece of the Denon DJ Prime Series', the X1800 Prime is a 4-channel mixer that is unlocked with the Serato DJ Club Kit license bundle (Serato DJ + DVS).

The X1800 Prime is fully equipped with 4 phono/line inputs, dual USB ports, BPM FX panel with 14 extra effects and each channel features high-quality Sweep FX as well as a dedicated filter knob

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime

The powerful, customizable new player from Denon DJ is now an Official Serato Accessory.

The SC5000 Primes comes with a 7-inch color LED touch screen and a jogwheel display for album artwork and track information. The eight RGB performance pads control Serato DJ pad modes, and you can also use the SC5000 Prime standalone for USB and SD card playback.

Watch this video from DJ TLM to see more about how the Prime Series works with Serato DJ -

Comments (4)

epitome22 12:59 AM - 5 December, 2017
Yo these decks are official..I have the denon dns3700s and after a salesman in a store demo these 5000 decks I had to get them. The performance pads I really appreciate. .I can't wait to get the x1800 mixer to complete the arsenal...gotta get my money together. .lol.
flip diving 10:05 AM - 21 December, 2017
This page gives you a lot of information. Thank you!
Derf 5:38 PM - 6 January, 2018
If you're not using the Prime X1800 mixer in the setup, can you just use the two SC500 players as two Serato USB controllers/interfaces with any other mixer as your main out?
B.Smith 4:38 PM - 22 December, 2018
HOW DO YOU MIDI MAP THE MIXER??? For the life of me, I CANNOT get it to map AT ALL! Everything across the board, from the mixer to serato is enabled to actually DO the mapping. But for some strange reason...I CAN'T GET IT TO DO SO! Is or has anyone else had or is having this problem?