How To Make A DJ Routine

So you've acquired some skills and cool music, now you're ready to start putting together a routine with the two(if you haven't done either click on the links to get started).

Knowing where to start when making a routine can be the most frustrating part of your DJ life. We've found a bunch of walkthroughs from some of the best in the game to help you on your way.

Practice, practice, practice... practice some more and some more, then upload for all of us to see!

Make A Redbull 3Style Routine With DJ C-SIK

If you're looking to make a routine that focuses more on creative transitions for a competition such as the Redbull 3Style then this video is a great tool to help you on your way.

Redbull 3Style 2014 Canadian champion DJ-CIK shows the whole creative process of how he came up with one of the stand-out moments from his winning set

Make a Turntablism Routine With DJ Angelo

DJ Angelo's series of turntablism tutorials are the goto place when wanting to learn anything turntablism related.

This particular video shows you how to combine all the skills he taught in previous episodes into a turntablism routine ready for competition or to show off on social media

Creating A Solid DJ Routine With DJ TLM

Not so much a tutorial as the previous videos but DJ TLM does a great job of explaining what's required to create a DJ routine that'd suit a wide range of scenarios.

If you're looking to spice up your gigs with a little showcase of skill checkout TLM's video