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5 December, 2017

How to Win the Serato Sample Challenge

The Serato Sample Challenge competition works in two stages.

1) First, you submit your video and attempt to gain the most votes possible.

2) Then, the top 10 selected by the voting public and are judged by our panel of pros. Including DJ Spinna, Suzi Analogue and Kenny Dope. No pressure!

Getting into the Top 10 is key, and staying there for the 6 weeks is even more essential. Being number 1 doesn't matter if you're nowhere to be seen on 16th January. So our crack social media team have pulled together some tips for getting your video noticed.

  • Try word of mouth. Old school, right? Tell your friends and family what you're doing and where to vote.
  • Share! You can easily share your entry right from Simply find your entry,  and click share. We recommend sharing it as widely as you can, using the hashtag #seratosamplechallenge.
  • Upload a decent audio recording for your entry - no use painstakingly crafting a banger if we can't hear it. 
  • You can vote every day. So remind your mates to head back to to share the love.
  • Enter early! The earlier in the competition you enter, the longer your beat is on the internet. This means more time to collect votes.
  • Forums. Producers and music lovers love Reddit. Jump on to,, and share your beats. You could get some love from your fellow beatmakers.
  • Remember, you want your video to stand out. So creativity is key!
  • Most importantly, make sure your beat is fire!

Learn everything you need to know about the Serato Sample Challenge.

Comments (4)

Natasha Aiken 6:56 AM - 12 January, 2018
I chose to select in the entire DJ accreditation program since I realized that when I completed, I would learn far more than if I kept showing myself how to DJ.
sameer23 4:58 AM - 18 January, 2018
This is would be good to have restart your windows 10 and relax for some time and all learn which is too good in short commands for restarts of the computer windows 10.
Jonnelle 6:13 PM - 10 March, 2018
Is it really that easy to win this challenge? I think you are lying here. I have done <a href=" target="_blank">students essay writing</a> my whole life and even I find this challenge difficult. If your technique is real, then it's absurd.
Leroy12 4:24 PM - 19 March, 2018
The serato sample challenge is amazing! I have been trying this challenge with my mates for a long time and we have been successful in doing this challenge. It's great for us.


How to Win the Serato Sample Challenge