Limited Edition Performance Vinyl: Battle Ave-SMF-Serato Collaboration

To celebrate Serato and Sample Music Festival's (SMF) partnership this year for the festival in Berlin, SMF are releasing a limited edition 2017 Sample Music Festival Pink Control Vinyl titled, "At The Ave 3".

US-based turntablist brand Battle Avenue, known for their break records, are coordinating a scratch battle at SMF called the Cut2Cut. And have also partnered with SMF and Serato to provide production for the exclusive music download cards that will be inserted in the double-pack release.

The producers include Battle Ave's in-house production team and record label, At The Ave Records. As well as the U.K's Cut and Paste Records and USA-based record label, Raisin Heads. Each card will feature a mix of original music, instrumentals, scratch loops, and sentences.

Sample Music Festival begins September 1st and ends September 3rd. For more info visit

"At The Ave 3" Control Vinyl presented by Battle Ave, SMF, and Serato will include: - 2 Pink SMF / Battle Ave / Serato branded Pink Vinyl - 4 Exclusive Music Download Cards

Full list of Producers: At The Ave 3 Excess, Flow, Mister Remix, Rockwell, Revise, Antriks, Flow, Onedr, and CrippNipp

Raisin Heads - Dstrukt, Vinroc, Cutso, IFTW, SmoovGroovs, Shea, Rcade and RRS Feed (Raichous, Roza, Shred One)

Cut and Paste Records - Symatic and Darcy D

At The Ave Records - Flow & Mani Draper, Onedr, & Excess.

Official release date is September 1st via Pre sales begin August 11th, 2017

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